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The Most Unique Gym Around and the Best Trainers in Town!

Welcome to St. Louis’ hottest new gym! The Lab is not your ordinary fitness club. It is a one stop sports performance and preventative health center. Staffed with Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Registered Dietitians and Massage Therapists; The Lab Gym team has been hand picked to help our clients achieve their goals, both physically and mentally.  At The Lab you are GUARANTEED to reach your health and performance goals.  Whether your are an athlete, a diabetic, or have other health risks, we have a competent educated staff to get you on the right plan for success. With 24 hr access and a limited membership base you will not have to wait in the line or have an excuse to not achieve your goals.

Latest Blogs & Articles

The 2016 Black & Red Event is here!

Dearest Lab Gym Members, Clientele, and Friends, First and foremost, you are invited to come help us celebrate another great year at The Lab! The Lab Gym will host The Black & Red Event on Saturday, January 7, 2017 at the Gallery 400.  This is … Read more

June 5th: The Metalocalypse at The Lab Gym-Strongman and Strongwoman Competition (United States Strongman, Inc.)

Entry deadline: EXTENDED UNTIL DAY OF THE COMPETITION! Strongman Event:  The Metalocalypse at The Lab Gym: Strongman and Strongwoman Competition (United States Strongman, Inc.)                                     … Read more

Referral Awards!

Know anyone like yourself who could use a little Lab Gym in their life?   If you do, I have some rewards for both YOU and your referral! #1: For every person that you refer that signs up for a minimum of 1 month of … Read more


The Lab Gym’s Heavy Metal Crossfit: Monday 1/23/2017

The Lab Gym’s Heavy Metal Crossfit: Monday 1/23/2017 Warm up (10 min):Corrective & JTLC, General Barbell Warm-up (pvc>bb), Position stretches for the clean (pvc>bb) CF-JTLC Warm-up: Catbacks x5*3, Flying posture hold x3*10, Is, Ts, As x5*3, Low plank x30s, Hip … Read more

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