Q & A & Various Rants: Don’t Let The Peak of Your Waves Spoil You

Have things ever come together for you so well in the gym you almost couldn’t believe it?  You kept getting stronger, looking better, feeling better and the PR train just kept coming.  Yes, this HAPPENS and it SHOULD.  We have spoken in the past about the momentum developed in your consistent training and this is much like surfing or riding ‘waves.’  You have to catch them and keep them as long as you can…and when it ends, and I guarantee it will, you will have to find a NEW wave.

Unfortunately, many folks get so frustrated about their wave ending that they never find a new one!?  So let this be a helpful warning.  YOUR WAVE WILL END. And that is ok.  BUT, it’s just the NEW beginning of the next AWESOME wave if you get focused and back to work.

Before we proceed, let me give you an example.  Week after week you are getting stronger and stronger.  The weights keep getting lighter and you are smooth sailing and think you have this whole weightlifting exercise thing all figured out.  Then, WHAM!  You feel like crap.  Stiff, sore, tired, weights feel heavier, and so on.  Progress stagnates or even regresses.  THIS is the crucial time for you to realize what is going on and what to do about it.

And here is a hint: don’t get sad, frustrated, or wallow in self pity.  Re-establish your new goals, focus, and game plan, to ignite new focus, and patience, into the plan as the next base your building is for an even bigger peak.  But, only if you get back to the ‘not so fun work’ and set a new foundation.

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