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The Comprehensive Weightlifting Seminar with Justin Thacker

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Finally the Comprehensive Weightlifting Seminar and ABC teaching System is here!

The Lab Gym Weightlifting Seminar: General info
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-2 Day Course (Basic: $300.00 w/Certification: $400.00) 15 person minimum.  We cover way more depth in lecture, practical coaching, and evaluation (practical: cover pre-requisite lifts, ABC teaching/learning progressions, ABC ramp ups & lifter evaluation, auxiliary lifts).

-1 Day Course: (Basic: $200.00 w/Certification: $300.00) 15 person minimum.  Less lecture material lecture and less practical coaching and evaluation (practical: only ABC teaching/learning coverage).  Will be supplemented with virtual lectures and material.

-1/2 Day Course: (Basic: $100.00 w/Certification: $200.00) 15 person minimum.  Less lecture material lecture and less practical coaching and evaluation (practical: only ABC teaching/learning coverage).  Will be supplemented with virtual lectures and material.

-Virtual Course: (Basic: $100.00 w/Certification: $200.00) Can’t make it to a live seminar? No worries!  Now you can see ALL the same material and lectures on your own computer!  You will receive all the same course materials and resources as well as video presentations and power points with audio lectures.

-Certification: The same way we train and systematize our instructors at The Lab Gym to teach in a safe, accurate, and uniform fashion.  Participants will be given written test on material covered.  Practical portion: coach video tapes them instructing the ABCs for snatch or clean and submits for grading and evaluation.  Successful completion of both portions will grant them their ‘ABC’ certification.

See what are others saying?

“JUSTIN THACKER WAS A LEGIT PERFORMER AND IS A LEGIT COACH!!”  I highly recommend Justin as a coach for any program that needs services in explosion exercises!!

Mike Burgener, owner of Mike’s Gym (a CrossFit affiliate and USAW Regional Training Center), is a USAW Senior International Coach, former Junior World Team (1996-2004) and Senior World Team (2005) coach and former strength and conditioning coach at Rancho Buena Vista High School in Vista, CA.

Aja Barto: Owner of Behemoth CrossFit and Top CrossFit Games Competitor“Really love your progression and used it on myself this past week. Warmed me up well and got me prepped for some OLY lifts, actually PR-ed my power snatch!”

Aja testimonial

Josh Nimmo: Owner of CrossFit Metro East
“Really love this approach!  The ABCs are legit!  Not here to kiss ass but Thacker and his crew have organized this very well!  I really appreciate the immediate practical application as a coach This is such a great way to process all of the complexity of Olympic weightlifting to the real world”
Dan Thacker: Owner, CrossFit Valley Park 
“Very well done!  Great stuff and so helpful for me as a Crossfit coach implementing this with our members.  Now my coaches and I are so mush better prepared to use and teach the lifts!  This has helped me immensely as a lifter and a coach.  I LOVE the squatting quad sequences!”


What is it?

This is intended for athletes, coaches, and gym owners and has WAY MORE to offer than the seminar you may have heard of or been too.  Trust me, I have been to them all and even instructed at them.  This is different….why?  The Comprehensive Weightlifting Seminar & ABC Teaching System is a course to give you the necessary educational and physical components to properly and successfully perform and teach the Olympic lifts.  Based on years of experience as a lifter and coach Justin Thacker (who is Justin Thacker?) has boiled down his experiences (success and failures) into a successful format and system that coaches, gym owners, and athletes can quickly learn and implement into their training, practice, or business structure.  We aim to optimize and add an element of quality and continuity into the business practices and coaching quality among gyms and Crossfit boxes.  No more guess work, trial and error, or ‘hoping’ things will go right.  We have done the work for you.  And now you can learn our successful system and bring it to your own training or gym.

justin national and international medals


Justin’s national and international medals

We cover several parts theory and practical application.  Covering everything from the scientific biomechanics of the lifts, programming, teaching progressions, and warm-up schemes for beginning, intermediate, advanced, and Crossfitters, pre-requisite lifts that MUST be trained and mastered BEFORE attempting the Olympic lifts as well as auxiliary lifts to compliment and polish off your classical Olympic lifts. 

Our aim is to provide a universal system for all to learn the lifts as quickly as possible with the highest quality movements.  To make it easy to understand, execute, teach, and repeat.  Thus saving time, frustration, and providing better outcomes for athlete, coach, and gym owner.

Justin placing 2nd at the 2010 USAW Nationals

Who is this for?register now 4b

-Coaches, Trainers, Gym/Box Owners, Athletes, Crossfitters, and anyone who wishes to learn the Olympic lifts!  We use a step by step system that ranges from beginner weekend warrior to most advanced Olympian.

-Coaches/Trainers: Finally, a done for you, bullet proof, easy to learn, remember, and teach, system that can be scaled across ALL populations and in faster time!  No more countless and desperate attempts at trying to teach from the top down hoping they eventually learn the full lift from the floor.  No more guess work in which progressions, sequences, or drills should be used.  Finally, a sense of control that ranges to all circumstances and clientele that you may encounter.  The ABCs gives you an instant glimpse at what the lifters abilities are and where they need immediate work.  Unlock these limitations instantly with the given sequences and have all of your lifters singing your praises as they progress more quickly and systematically than they ever have.  The confidence that you can teach and build the full proper lift for each client.  Instill enthusiasm and motivation into your clients as they see and feel the magic unfold in front of their eyes.

-Gym/Box Owners:   I have developed much of this seminar and teaching system with gym owners in mind.  I have owned the Lab Gym since 2007 and have been a trainer since 1999.  Not only am I an accomplished gym/business owner but also an accomplished Olympic Weightlifter since 1997 (2x National Champion).  This is not by accident, but because I follow a disciplined set of systems whether I am training or working.  I can build a model of success, implement it, then be clear headed enough to modify it, or tweak it for specific needs.   I understand the complexities of not only teaching the lifts to an individual, but to a group, and to a dynamic group like Crossfitters.  The time, programming, and physical constraints and limitations that make this task daunting and seemingly impossible.  And, once you feel you have it figured out then you have to train your whole staff to do it synchronously and systematized.  You want repeatable quality right? Results for your clients, safety, an excellent reputation?  I demand it.

Sick of being at the mercy of your many trainers?  Differing philosophies, backgrounds, education, training, or experience?  Worried about quality control? Safety?  Client success? Retention? Now, you can give the SAME message, system, and terminology to your clients for better quality control, comprehension, and continuity through your business, staff, and Crossfit culture.  No more ‘hoping’ things will go well.  Now, you have a guaranteed system to do the ‘heavy lifting.’ Now you can insure that things run smoothly by stream lining the teaching and learning process and know that your trainers are giving your clients the best quality experience and coaching money can buy. Finally, a sense of relief and control over all of the chaos!  No time to train your trainers?  Let US do it for you!  Spend less time trying to teach and control and MORE time for everything else!  TIME is MONEY. See our certifications below.

-Athletes/Crossfitters: No matter your current level of experience The Comprehensive Weightlifting Seminar and ABC system will prepare you and for the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and polish you off from your basic movements to proper execution and mastery of the lifts. We aim to not give you a fish but to teach you how to fish and walk away with a working model and system to develop you’re lifting over your lifetime.  We are not focused on, ‘wowing you’ with a pot shot PR the day we meet you (this might happen however). We are after refining the pieces so that you can walk away knowing how to bring yourself a never ending fountain of PRs!  Any joker can encourage and enthuse you to an instantaneous PR gut attempt, but not anyone can give you lasting change for continuous development.  No more obsessing about what to do or where your problems are.  Following a plan and believing in that plan is half the battle.  Now, you can rest assured you are spending your time wisely and can do what you do best, be an athlete and have fun!

-No previous knowledge or experience is needed to attend.  We start with basic lecture format and build from simple to complex movements.  Information is given in digestible pieces and movements are EARNED in proper sequences.

Barbell Shrugged interview: seminar, squat to lift ratios, etc.

The ABC Teaching System:

The ABC Teaching System has built in progressions from most remedial basics into the full lift in a rational, sequential fashion…

The ABC Teaching System is a done for you step by step sequence.  It is used to teach the lifts and correct common problems/limitations, and then used as a warm-up each day to polish/master the fundamentals.  Once, competency and mastery is demonstrated layers are removed from the ABCs as the lifter evolves from beginner, intermediate, to advanced. It begins with several steps and is then reduced to a few.  What begins as almost a ‘workout’ for beginners turns into a brief warm-up for the advanced. Our ABC posters illustrate this process well…

The ABC Teaching System instantly diagnoses of the problems holding the lifts back for the respective lifter.  Know the problem and have the fix in your hands INSTANTLY in order to continue down the progression scale as timely as possible

The ABC Teaching System uses a scale-able beginner, intermediate, and advanced progression.  Learn how and why to use which for whom.  Easily scale up or down depending on who you are working with and their experience level or problems.  Thus, the new don’t get smashed and the ninja’s don’t get bored.  Tailor to each level of mastery on the drop of a dime for easy integration into 1-on-1, small group, or large group training.  Perfect for scaling Crossfit workouts!

Use the ABC Teaching System for easy and timely integration for Crossfit workouts.  See how we work the ABC progressions into our Crossfit workouts as well as our advanced Olympic Weightlifting groups.  There are various versions of the ABC scheme that last from 8 to 60 minutes depending on the purpose and need.

The ABC system can help EVERYBODY!  No matter the lifters style/mastery level, anthropometric leverages/mechanics, coaches technical philosophy or flavor, the ABC methods can INSTANTLY improve upon them.  It tightens up technique, positions, and timing regardless of these variables!

Interview with Olympian Fernando Reis: see Justin and Fernando talk at 5:41

What you will learn…
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(*Note differences above in 1 vs. 2 day seminar)

-Multiple teaching formats are used for various forms of learners.  Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning are used with the ABCs for best retention and execution.

-Technical components of the Olympic lifts.  We will break them down in detail and look at every little nuance of the lift and how to properly execute it.  But then, we will boil it down and simplify the parts to bring the whole piece

-The ‘ABC’ teaching method that is easy to implement and perfect each of the lifts.  It is also scale-able to all populations.  A step by step instruction on how to teach and ‘build’ the lifts from the ground up!  Our, ABC system is full proof to work out any kinks in the lift whether they are physical or psychological for ANY person.

-Instant diagnostic feedback for coaches and lifters as to where the problems or barriers in their lifts occur.  Then, have the fix immediately in your hands to eliminate them!

-Built in safety mechanisms to know when or when not to use various versions of the lifts.  When to progress the lifts or not (from hang or floor, power of full classical lift, etc.)

-Instant feedback and guidelines to help a lifter go from power snatch to full snatch, etc.

-The pre-requisite lifts.  The foundational strength training movements that are a MUST for anyone jumping into the Olympic Weightlifting fire.  Properly prepare yourself or client with the positions & strength needed to be proficient and safe with the lifts.  Over 80% of the problems and limitations occur in this area!  Most are not performing the basic foundational movements well that will set them up for proper lifting.  Fix these for instant improvements in your lifting.

-The Auxiliary lifts.  Learn, perform, and understand the auxiliary exercises used to reinforce, develop, and strengthen each of the Olympic lifts.  Technical corrections and errors will be easy to fix when you know what auxiliary lift to choose for the job.

-Progressions & regressions for each phase of each lift.  Knowing when and what is appropriate for any lifter at any given step of their Olympic weightlifting experience.  Be a master of picking the best version for yourself or client.

-Programming for the beginner, intermediate, advanced lifters and even specialty programming for Crossfitters. Understand the differences and needs of each level and how to properly plan and map out their training.  No more guess work of what to do, how much, when, or why…

-A look at the many common arguments & philosophies debated today.  Bulgarian? Russian? Pulls or no pulls? Squats every day? Deadlifts for weightlifting or not?  Singles only?  Max every day?  Hips high or low?  Should I not use straps? We will analyze many of the common problems and argument associated with each and Q&A on any others you may have.

-Principles vs. methods.  Among the many options, opinions, and approaches out there understand why only a few are laws and others are merely personal preferences.  Know the difference and why someone form drastically different approaches and style can both become world champions.  Which are mandatory and which are deal breakers.

-SPECIFIC and SIMPLE Corrective work to develop proper positions for the full classical lifts.  No spending 45 minutes preparing and mobilizing everything under the sun and wearing yourself down. Mobilize with a specific purpose to perform proper lifts.

-When and when not to load the bar, train heavy, or work to maximum weights

-How to put the WHOLE lift together in ONE day!  In fact, in less than 1 hours time! Impossible you say?  Not with our ABCs!  Not the power snatch or power clean.  The FULL lift.  Barring any physical in-capacities we have versions that can piece the lift together in as little as 8 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the situation or need.

-Regressions for those not ready able to perform various forms of the lift.  While going through the ABCs you may find that a particular progression you are not ready for (usually for mobility reasons).  Know what the problem is, why it’s there, and what to do to fix it immediately, so you can move upward and onward.

-Quick alterations for scaling Crossfit WODs

-A universal language for teaching and learning the lifts for everyone at your gym from employees, trainers, members, and athletes.

-Save time and frustration.  Less confusion, trial, and error and MORE time for everything else!  Like getting strong!  Squats!

-Online support-password protected area with seminar reinforcement.  Slides, video clips, and more to reinforce and review what you learned at the seminar.

-Gain the knowledge, experience, and confidence needed to train and teach the Olympic lifts.  This is not your typical watered down certification where you jump around with a few pvc pipes wishing for more.  This is not a haphazard experience where you are taking pot shots at PRs with a screaming instructor (ok, I might yell a little…and you might lift a PR). Nor is it after just giving you the pieces needed to pass a certification test.  This is a COMPREHENSIVE WEIGHTLIFTING SEMINAR aimed to give you the pieces you need for lasting success as a lifter, coach, or gym business.

Barbell Shrugged interview: training philosophies and working with beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifters

What is this certification?

The ‘ABC’ Certification!register now 4b

-The Lab Gym has built its success upon quality systems and operations from a lifetime of experience and education.  Now, you can trace these same foot steps to professional success in coaching and client satisfaction.  Just as we train our staff to teach and develop the lifts with our clientele, you can use to develop your winning team.

-Have a tight system with staff and clientele.  No more worries about someone’s coaching ability, know how, philosophy, experience, or competency.  We will do it for you.  Rest assured they have been through the rigors and steps to actually coach, and to coach well!

-Crossfit is growing, the Olympic lifts are spreading, and people need qualified competent coaches.  And coaches everywhere are upping their game with more knowledge and experience.  In this day and age and the future to come you will need EVERY advantage possible to be competitive in this field and to keep your clients successful and happy.  This does NOT happen over not nor with a weekend certification.  Knowledge is only PART of the equation.  Experience, application, and feedback are critical elements in this process.  Our certification combines the seminar theoretical and practical components, a written test, and a full practical teaching analysis.

-Certified ABC coaches will be granted access to our coaches group with Team LAB online for ongoing feedback and coaching support.  Most certifications leave you hanging and expect you to make it on your own after you pay them and take their test.  Not us, we will walk with you and guide you through the process.  Any jags or circumstances you encounter we will be your ally in action.  We have been there and chances are have experienced the same issues. Learn from our experiences and knowledge base so you don’t have to suffer with trial and error.

-Whether you are an independent coach or gym you can’t afford to go another day without the ABC teaching system in place.  Stand apart from the rest by having a structured clear cut and professional path to integrate the Olympic lifts and WOW your clients with your expertise and abilities with the Olympic lifts.

-Finally, we have had countless Crossfitters immediately join our gym after their first time through one of our ABC progressions.  They saw and felt the difference in quality coaching, teaching progression, and what this is going to do for them.  Don’t get left behind, now you can take your knowledge, skills, passion, and enthusiasm and apply it with the ABC system and send your career to the next level.

A sample portion of the ABCs with the Technique WOD podcast


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