The Carol Bland Story
Part 1:



“I learned of your quality training from those at (GYM NAME EXCLUDED) who had worked with you there. I joined the Lab shortly after you opened it based on your reputation. I have never been sorry, although I do wake up some mornings and think, “Wow! I sure would like to roll over and go back to sleep instead of going to the gym.” I’m always glad I went. It is an upper, emotionally and physically.

I come to the Lab for two reasons. First, I am vain and it makes me look better. More importantly, it keeps me mobile — keeps me functioning and going when many people my age are sitting in rocking chairs, too stiff or too incapacitated to enjoy being active.
I have a number of physical issues that could be quite problematic if I didn’t workout — regularly and correctly. I have arthritis. And while working out doesn’t get rid of it, it helps with the pain and the range of motion. I have a torn rotator cuff, which is not repairable. The exercise keeps that from being a problem in my every day life. I have a torn meniscus which caused my knee to be so swollen and painful at one point, I could hardly move it. The orthopedic surgeon said, ” Surgery.” I said, “No thanks,” and headed for the gym.

Your credentials are impressive. I know you monitor your trainers carefully to make sure they are doing a good job. I have learned that form is everything and the trainers at the Lab make sure their clients’ form is correct.

I now work out at The Lab three days a week with a trainer, and three days a week I do cardio and stretches in the building where I live, as we have a gym here. People seem to think I’m a bit whacko to spend so much time working out. Even though I am frequently told by friends that I look like a model (aging, of course), and everyone is surprised when they learn how old I am. I attribute that, in great part, to my time at the Lab. I have recommended the Lab to numerous folks. Many of them work out already and I don’t think they have clue as to what a truly good workout is.

When I go to the gym, I feel like I am with family. The Lab is unique. I will continue to workout there as long as I am able. And I thank you for all you and your staff have done for me.”

Carol Bland”

Part 2: (Carol gave us another letter recently)

“I became a charter member of The Lab in 2007 because I had heard good things about Justin as a trainer.  Had been working out with another trainer for some time and didn’t feel I was getting much in the way of results.  My Lab membership came with 15 free training sessions with Justin.  About halfway through the third session he gave me a paternal look, told me my form was pretty bad, and advised me to get a full-time trainer.  That wasn’t exactly the high point of my day, but I decided to give it a try.  It was the beginning of my Lab experience.


It wouldn’t be an over statement to say that what a have gained from working out at The Lab has been life changing.  When I am with friends my own age (older than I care to mention, but I have been retired for years) the difference in my physical abilities and theirs is so apparent. I help them lift and tote, go up stairs and down, get in and out of cars. On evenings out, I pick them up, take them to the destination and let them out.  Then I go park the car and walk back.  And I’m happy to do all this.  Because I can!


The Lab is about more than just physical fitness.  It’s about overall health.  New clients are asked about any physical limitations they have and what they want to achieve.  Workout routines are put together based on that information.  Counseling on nutrition is available.  Justin instructs all trainers — as soon as they start to work at The Lab — on proper form and appropriate routines and that instruction is ongoing.   The trainers give their clients full attention during training sessions to ensure maximum results with no injuries.   They push their clients – gently – to “take it up a notch.”  Anyone who isn’t familiar with “posture hold” will have it down pat after some time at The Lab.  And nothing can make one look better, faster than good posture.


There is another aspect that makes The Lab special. It is what I will call a sense of community.  Couples, good friends and extended families work out there, sometimes together, sometimes not. There are group training sessions and competitions held at The Lab regularly. That community atmosphere is enhanced by social get-togethers, open to members and employees, and by an annual awards event that is both rewarding and fun. I know quite a number of people who are also charter members and are as devoted to The Lab as I am.


Then there’s the bragging aspect to be enjoyed by those who work out on a regular basis.  Friends, who don’t work out, often ask me what my workout consists of.  After a brief overview, I tell them with fake modesty how much weight I use when doing squats, dead lifts, etc.  Then I watch the look of awe come over their faces and my day is made.


Last but not least is my trainer, Jimmy.  I have had several trainers in my time at The Lab and all were good.  But Jimmy is more than a good trainer.  He is a friend and is always concerned about my progress, and my safety.  Under his direction my abilities have increased significantly.





When I first started working out, it was all about vanity. Now I know, it is about much more than that.

In the years I have been at The Lab, I have come to understand that one can go thru the motions of working out and still not get significant results.  Proper form is so important. And, only by maintaining form, by pushing one’s self, or being pushed by a knowledgeable trainer, does one get real results.


The Lab is, and always will be, a part of my life.