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trainingYou know of The Lab as, ‘the most unique gym around, and the BEST trainers in town.’  Well, this is by no accident.  Great trainers are made, not born.  We take outstanding men and women with proper degrees, certifications, experience, and groom them into the best industry professionals money can buy.  Our ‘Trainers Academy’ is a rigorous 90 day process filled with 4 weeks of very hands on practical testing.  In this time our neophytes are practicing new skills with test clients before they ever work with a Lab client (rat) as they are shadowed/instructed by one of our seasoned training directors.  The Lab is now in need of ‘test rats’ to complete this process for a new trainer in training.
  • No serious medical injuries/illnesses that prevents you from engaging in a fitness program
  • No major orthopedic injuries or movement limitations
  • A some what flexible schedule (usually in mornings before 10am or evenings after 5pm).  In many cases consecutive days and consistent times are needed.
  • Sometimes we video tape this for review (must acknowledge approval for this)
  • Must fill out proper paperwork: assessment forms and liability waivers
  • No previous Lab training (we need blank slates)
We cover many scenarios and protocols so must be ready for anything.  For your time you will receive 1 free month gym access and copies of any training you may experience for your own use.
Typical topics/areas covered:
Laser Weight Loss Program week
Body composition and assessments
Buddy training (you can bring a friend!)
Corrective exercise
Squat module
Deadlift module
Hybrid training
Olympic weightlifting

If interested, please download and complete this form: The Lab Electronic Assessment Form
Once completed, return with schedule availability to