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Growing up I was always the skinniest kid in my school.  I graduated high school at 6’6″ and 135 lbs.  While in collage I joined a gym, trying to get to a “normal” size, but didn’t really know what I was doing on the gym floor or in the kitchen.  I kept at it for 2 years and didn’t gain a pound.  I decided that this is just the way I was supposed to be.  As I got older, I started gaining weight and before I knew it, I was 265 lbs and didn’t know what to do.  Again, I bought a gym membership and decided to do much more research to change my body.  I knew the older I got, the harder it was going to be to lose the excess weight, and my  family medical history was not a pretty picture.  Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and cancer are all in my immediate family.  The time to act was now. I started lifting weights and became good friends with the treadmills at my gym.  I switched from eating 3 huge meals a day, to eating 6 or more small meals.  I dropped 90 lbs in about 13 months, leaving me at 175 lbs.  I looked and felt much better but still wasn’t satisfied.  For the next few years I wanted to put on as much clean muscle as I could.  I gained 15 lbs in almost 5 years.  Again, I started getting frustrated.  Finally my mom and sister bought me a nutrition session at the Lab with Justin.  We talked about how I was eating in combination with my workouts, and made some changes.  I have been gaining muscle and even losing body fat since I started this program.  I’m very happy that I finally got pointed in the right direction, and am really enjoy my healthful lifestyle. I really feel anyone can achieve, or even surpass their goals with the right program.