I started at The Lab in October after much encouragement from 3 friends and “lab rats”. They told me The Lab was one of those special places where care and competence coexist. They were right. The Lab is a special places that helps you transform your life.

I came to The Lab to improve my health and appearance. I need to lose a lot of weight and knew I could not succeed without help. It’s a myth that we can do this all alone. Initially I was hesitant to commit to the Laser Weight Loss Program 5 days a week but I was willing to try it out. Within a few weeks I signed up for one year. Today, one year, 118 pounds and a gazillion inches later I have nothing but gratitude for Justin and The Lab.
It is an amazing experience to have someone pay attention to you day after day, an hour at a time. Your trainer will pay attention to you and Justin will pay attention to your trainer. It’s a system that works.

I have never worked out at The Lab without a word of support or encouragement from other lab rats. It’s a lovely community that revels in everyone succeeding and taking good care of themselves. Working out is so enjoyable I think of it as recess!

I used to think of what I would do when I “got to goal”. Now the goals just change. I’ll reach my goal weight soon and then I want more physical challenges. I know The Lab will help me get there one step at a time. Don’t wait until tomorrow to change your life. Call The Lab today to meet your fitness goals. It’s a myth that we can do this alone.

Sharon Lightfoot