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Lab Rat of The Year Adrian
The Lab Gym Lab Rat of The Year Winner
-Long before he experienced his life changingbreakthrough, this Lab Rat become an icon in the gym, a smiling beacon of positivity, often coming in twice a day.  From the start he had a number of physical and medical conditions to contend with and even basic movements were a challenge. At the start he could not do weighted squats or push-ups.

Working with his trainer Jessica on strength and conditioning once a day and coming back for a round of cardio later was his routine.  He was very committed but hit an early plateau. Frustrated, it finally it all clicked together when  Adrian worked closely with Cameron on his nutrition and broke through this plateau by passionately regrouping and rededicating himself to his training and his nutrition. And it has more than paid off. Over the course of the past 8 months, he has lost +80 pounds, 17% body fat, and 33 inches!  Not to mention he has come off of medications and is nearly entirely off of his insulin.

Even walking past him in the gym I sometimes even don’t recognize him.  He is a new man mentally and physically but still the same old sweet guy that we remember walking in the door for the first time.  Now, he is squatting his body weight for 5 reps, and knocking out body weight push-ups and burpees as part of his regular training!  He persistent and he rarely misses a workout, even coming in when he is under the weather. He continues to strive after his goals with a positive attitude and always with a smile on his face. He has a new reason to smile lately as we are hearing reports that the ladies have taken notice of him and they keep asking him out!  So catch him if you can…The Lab Rat of the Year is Adrian Ruess!