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World Class Sports Performance at The Lab Gym


What Is World-Class Sports Performance?

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We provide world-class programs, and the coaching staff that will help athletes both realize and achieve their highest level of potential.  Not your average sports performance provider, most of our coaches have Master’s degrees, and all of them are Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS).  The Lab’s performance team is seasoned with years of experience: competing as athletes on the largest stages, day to day training, and as coaches.  If you want to compete at the highest level, we have the team to help you achieve success.

We will get you stronger, faster, more agile, and in peak condition for competition.  World-Class’ Sports Performance team will maximize your athletic potential and help put you in position to be a stronger competitor.  Start your training with us now, before the competition does! 

What Makes World-Class Sports Performance Different?

This is NOT your average “cookie-cutter” one-size-fits-all program!  We individualize each athlete’s training to fit their unique physical demands.  However, we do have a well established, evidence-based, framework for our programming.

Our program’s first priority to to make athletes bullet proof.  We work to actively prevent injuries.  This is done by emphasizing proper teaching progressions, mobility, and corrective exercises when needed. Secondly, we make athletes better by maximizing their existing physical potential.  This is done by prioritizing total body movements that improve power and strength.  If you were to compare an athlete to a car – we give it more horsepower and improve the handling.  Our primary means of increasing power and strength is through Olympic movements.  All of our coaches are certified in the best Olympic teaching progression around – The Thacker ABC Method.  Last, and certainly not least, we incorporate sport-specific movements that will directly transfer to athlete’s game.

This is AWESOME! How Do I Get Started?

FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW.  We will be in touch with you to schedule a tour and get you signed up!

You can also call us at (314) 932-7270, or stop by at The Lab Gym – 5035 Manchester Ave. (Just west of the Grove, off of Kingshighway)