Ever drag yourself into the gym feeling a bit more chewed up than normal.  Go through the process and mid way realize you are actually feeling pretty good?  You might have even had the BEST day ever?  Yeah?  Well, this is NORMAL and to be expected.

1) The better you get the more normal this will be.  Stiffness, tightness, staleness from TRAINING is a normal response to recovery.  And it can be instantly improved with PROPER and ADEQUATE warming up.

2) Often, how you feel is a lie.  Your brain, body, and most other worldly factors are working against you too shut you down and conserve energy.  They even get inside your own head and influence your thoughts.  DON’T LET THEM!

So just expect to not feel great at the start.  But, warm up well and get moving.  Just get to work and see what happens.  This will always be better than not showing up or staying on the couch.