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Don't forget to register for the 2nd Annual Justin Thacker Memorial Weightlifting Meet! Registration closes Feb. 14th!! Link in bio.
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Registration for the 2nd Annual Justin Thacker Memorial Weightlifting Meet being held on Saturday, February 20th is live! Come join us to honor our brother in iron! 🏋 Link is in our bio! ...

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To Build a strong Core💪🏼just get on the floor, no special equipment needed (ab roller and tire flips are fun additions though). @the_lab_gym @drewthompson21 @christopher.thacker @rosedoesrows @dcatsavis @brusov_fit @coach.jorge

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Keys to becoming a healthy 88 year old!

How many 88 year olds do you know?
And how many of them are living on their own and going to work every day?

This guy is the one I am honored to know and work with on a regular basis.

How does he do it?
1. He exercises 6-7 days a week. 3 days of weights and 3-4 days of cardio
2. He eats very healthy meals. Doesn’t put junk into his body, doesn’t overeat, and doesn’t drink excessive amounts of alcohol.
3. He finds ways to be physically active outside of the gym. The man takes the stairs to his 9th floor apartment EVERY single time!
4. He’s keeps his mind busy and sharp. He still works every day, runs a business, and reads much more than he watches tv.
5. He would also tell me that enjoying art, opera, and the symphony plays a large roll in his health.

Most people know that all of these things are good for you and that they should probably be doing them. Not that many can actually have the discipline to live this healthy lifestyle for even a couple weeks let alone, years, and decades.

Start with 1 day, turn that in to a week, into a month, into a year, and before long you will be adding years onto your life and increasing your quality of life by leaps and bounds.

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Jorge L Ceja Razon @coach.jorge
B.S. in Exercise Science, M.S. in Kinesiology
USAW L-1, CF L-1
3 months with The L.A.B.

Exercise is medicine! There are many benefits of physical activity that it has been prescribed by doctors for decades. But why wait until a doctor tells you that you need to exercise… exercising is not easy, it is not fun when soreness kicks in. It takes hard work and dedication! But if you are willing to put in the work, you can improve your life in many ways!

I began my career as a weightlifting coach in Brazil where I partnered and learned from the best @coachhoracio and @rreisfernando who warmly welcomed me to their home and introduced me to a great community of weightlifters and crossfitters. Thanks to them I had the opportunity to coach innumerous athletes and CrossFit practitioners from the best CrossFit boxes in Sao Paulo creating long lasting relationships with friends and athletes. I wanted to thank all of the CrossFit boxes that I have coached in Brazil for allowing me the opportunity to be part of their great community @hangar193 @unit55 @crossfit_santana @pactocrossfit @panambyfit @madalacf @cf_tutoia @crossfitsp @ctfourheads @crossfitsuzano @crossfitmk1 @crossfit_higienopolis @rbw_itu @crosscabreuva @crossfitbarueri @mugofit @kazacrossfit

Career goals
My main focus as a coach has been to teach weightlifting to CrossFit athletes and practitioners, but I also coach and train CrossFit. However, my main goal is to be the head coach of a weightlifting team and teach some undergrad courses in exercise science.

Athletic background
Throughout my life I have competed in Cross Country, Track & Field, Basketball, Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit.

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Justin Snorton @jsno15
6 years with The L.A.B Gym
B.A. emphasis in Strength and Conditioning
Division 3 NCAA Football
2 year S&C intern at Coe College

If you can't have fun working out... then when can you?

Physical fitness is truly one of the best joys in my life and whether I am lifting or training a client, I do it with a smile. My goal is to get my clients to hustle, sweat, attain goals and do it all with a smile.

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Vladimir Brusov
1 year in US
3 months with The L.A.B.

MA and BA in Physical Education
USAW level 1
Powerlifting Competitor

From 2006 to 2019 worked in Athletic Department of the Vladimir State University as Physical Education Instructor. Trained students of university basketball, track and field, wrestling and swimming teams. Worked as Assistant Coach with the student Powerlifting Team who were medaled in European and World student competitions. As a bodybuilding coach prepared fitness bikini competitor for local and regional meets.

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5 years the The L.A.B
Devin McMiller @dmac030

BS Exercise Science
Certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Mobility Trainer
RockTape FMT Blades: IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

Philosophy: My philosophy as a personal trainer is to express my passion for fitness, health, and
self-discipline. My goals for clients and myself are to optimize physical competence in each of
ten recognized fitness domains. They are as follows:

-Cardiovascular & Respiratory Endurance

I aim to teach, coach and educate my clients to reach their fitness goals and peak optimal health.

I am born and raised in St. Louis. played division 1aa football at Missouri State University, served 6 year in the Air Force Tactical Response Force and 7 years certified in CrossFit training. My fitness goals are to lead from the front and compete at the highest level in CrossFit. I’m always looking to increase my understanding within the fitness world but also a firm believer in the phrase,

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” -Theodore Roosevelt

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Jimmy Duke III @oldwolf_wl
With The L.A.B. Gym since July 2012

-B.S. Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics at University of Arkansas
-M.S. in Biomechanics from Illinois State University
-International Level Coach USAW
-USATF Level 1

Competed in Track and Field at University of Arkansas in Pole Vault and Decathlon

Coached college track and field at Illinois State Univ., Eureka College and Rend Lake College

Coached Olympic Weightlifting at Lindenwood University from 2010-2012

Coach Youth Olympic Weightlifting at the Lab Gym for Lift for Life Gym since 2012. The youth team has won over 100 national medals and has competed in 19 different states, 5 different countries and even coached the lone male to represent the United States at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Also at the Lab Gym, I have had a ton of success coaching masters athletes. My athletes have won medals at the Master's World Championships and have set world records, while traveling internationally.

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We don't build ONLY healthy bodies...
Chris working through the weekend with team members Jimmy Duke and Vladimir Brusov making big progress on the new locker rooms!

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Drew Thompson @drewthompson21
8.5 years at The Lab Gym

M.S. Exercise Physiology

Exercise is life changing. Every single person on this planet should exercise every day. Our bodies are an incredible thing we have been given and we should all do everything we can to maximize its potential in whichever direction we want to take it (health, strength, endurance). There are no limits. Start where you are and get better everyday.

Injuries have led me to pull back from trying to maximize my strength at all cost and I am now getting to really enjoy some things that I missed for a long period of time such as hiking. Finding new ways to push my body and see what I am capable of.

Still plan on attempting to compete in powerlifting from time to time as it is my passion, temporarily pulling back from number chasing.

I truly enjoy working with people who have been told they weren’t capable of things, or that they would never be athletic, or that an injury would keep them from ever being able to do certain activities, or that they are too old to start weight training.

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SBD day with some heavy 😬stuff...... better double-mask to cover up the words🤬 that might emerge🤭. #bestpartofmyday @the_lab_gym @labgympowerteam @drewthompson21 @rosedoesrows @dcatsavis @christopher.thacker @coach.jorge @brusov_fit

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Stephanie Christian
4 Years with The Lab Gym

MPA, BA Spanish Language and Lit
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
USAW Level 1
Bigger, Faster, Stronger WRSC
Synergy of Human Movement
Mind/Body Medicine Specialist

NPC Naturals 2012-Figure 2nd Place
NANBF 2015-Figure 1st/Overall
IPE Pro Card

It is my personal philosophy that self discipline is the most important key to success. The best coach in the world can do nothing for an undisciplined person. You have to be willing to get up EVERYDAY and climb the hill toward your goal, and it WILL be a climb. There is no reward at the bottom of a downslide.

After 10 years as a fitness professional, I continue to study human movement and leadership techniques to bring individuals an effective, personalized workout and provide support to allow them to discover the champion within and to transfer those practices to their daily life. Discipline, consistency, and respect for process can lead to success in and out of the gym.

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Squat now so you can get up off the toilet (without assistance) when you’re 80🤣. It’s safety bar squat day😬. Join the LAB Gym to improve/recover functional movement. Stay independent💪🏼. @drewthompson83kg @christopher.thacker @dcatsavis @rosedoesrows @the_lab_gym @labgympowerteam

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Bella had a #great night tonight! After #snatch 36 kilos, she #cleanandjerk 44 and then this 45kg! That gave her a #PR total is 81 too! #STRONG

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📷 @lift4life_weightliftingteam

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Masters Champion @juliasodd won't let a little thing like a mask slow her down. Hits a 95kg front squat w ease.

Trainer and 📷 cred @oldwolf_wl

#thelabgym #theoriginallabgym #legacyathleticsandbarbell #teamlab #weightlifting #powerlifting #personaltraining #frontsquat #strongerpeoplearehardertokill

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Charter Member and Superstar Client Carol Bland reps out 80 lbs for 10 reps on her 80th birthday last week. Carol has defied "acting her age" as long as we've known her (13+ years). Her secret? Strength training.

"It wouldn’t be an over statement to say that what a have gained from working out at The Lab has been life changing.  When I am with friends my own age (older than I care to mention, but I have been retired for years) the difference in my physical abilities and theirs is so apparent. I help them lift and tote, go up stairs and down, get in and out of cars. On evenings out, I pick them up, take them to the destination and let them out.  Then I go park the car and walk back.  And I’m happy to do all this.  Because I can!" See Carol's story and more at

Happy Birthday Carol! Here's to the next 13!!
Trainer & Video: @oldwolf_wl

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Been chasing 220kg/484lbs for while. Finally got it. RPE : farted⠀

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From member of thr year, Goddess Diva Winner, to WORLD CHAMPION!!! She has done it all!!! Woo-hoo!!!#Repost @reubenbowlby⠀
2019 71kg Class Masters World Champion in the 60+ age group and Snatch World Record Holder. Great work @juliasodd 🥇🏆🎉⠀

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@release__the__cracken has been very dedicated this summer preparing for @cbuwrestling. ⠀
He has dropped just under 30 lbs this summer to make a more competitive weight class “197”, and maintained some strength- squat 315x3.⠀

#wcsp #labgym #wrestling #weightlifting #squats #hardworkpaysoffs #stl #stlsportsperformance #stlathlete #usawrestling⠀

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Tiffany killing the #cardeadlift in her first ever #strongmancontest 27 reps! Not just #strong buy great #endurance #deadlift ⠀
#theweakgeteaten #WGEfit @jdsgym @the_lab_gym #strongman #strongwoman #powerlifting #weightlifting #crossfit #fitness #fitfam #fitchick #girlswholift #workout #muscle #worldsstrongestman #worldsstrongestwoman #loaditupjames #noneofthismatters⠀

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At The Lab Gym you get Epic training from the Best (never basic) trainers......i.e. @drewthompson83kg . Train with the best to be your best. #usapl #thelabgym #bestdayever #powerteam #liftersagainstbarbells @the_lab_gym @christopher.thacker @rosedoesrows @drewthompson83kg⠀

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Yes this is the same person, what a hard working summer break looks like! Way to stay consistent @release__the__cracken⠀

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**Training @the_lab_gym ** with - @lift4life_weightliftingteam - before the - LIFT4LIFE - *POOL PARTY * 🤪 THANKS AGAIN TO : Mr. Bill & Ms. Peri for having us ❤️ @cj__cummings @kaelastephano @harrison_maurus @jenny.arthur @norikvardanian @jimmydukes @justin_thacker_ #trainingday #gathering #weightlifting #pool #party⠀

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Several members of #teamUSA with Team Lift for Life Gym!⠀
Harrison Maury’s, CJ Cummings, Olympian Norik Vardanian and Olympian Jenny Arthur stopped by for training with the #kids!⠀
@kaelastephano @7smith3 ⠀
@teambeaufort_weightlifting ⠀
@4dayy5 @twankilbert ⠀
@jenny.arthur @norikvardanian @cj__cummings @harrison_maurus⠀

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My man Jaymar with my brother in iron ⠀
Justin Thacker rockin the #bro #pose⠀

#lift #liftforlife #rockstar #cool @the_lab_gym #l4ljaymar⠀

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Setting up for another one of these things...The USAW Midwest Slam, The USAPL Midwest Regionals, at the Renaissance Hotel in St. Louis going on 8/2-8-3/19. All the weights will be lifted come get some while you can. #usaw # usapl #thelabgym #the_lab_gym @labgympowerteam #fml ...

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Not the start we wanted but it was the fight we needed!⠀
Antwan had a rocky start tonight at the #19ao3 but #neverquit for a second!⠀
He came back and posted a monster after this 103kg snatch, hitting 134kg in the #cleanandjerk! He tied his best total and won his second national competition in a row!⠀
#liftforlife #gamer #winner #strong #l4lantwan⠀

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Wobbly 140kg/308lb jerk. First time taking this for a ride in a long time. Thanks @tamalama_ding and @the_lab_gym for telling me to not be a little bitch and make the lift. Shirt by: @climbsoill @takehold background music(screaming) by @xtinakatarina and @rosedoesrows

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