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#labratopenchallenge (#LROC)

-The Lab Rat Open Series-
Body Composition & Transformation Challenge
‘The Inaugural Season’

Congrats to our Inaugural Season Winners!

Female Winner: Naazia Azhar

(Coached by Drew Thompson)

Goals Achieved and Highlights:

  • Goal was to squat 100 lbs and smashed them with a 105 lbs x3 and 165 x3!
  • Lost 5.1lbs of body fat, dropped 3% body fat on her tiny frame of 5’2’’making a significant body fat loss while ALSO improving her all-around health and performance!
  • Naazia also ran her first 5k!

Male Winner: Andrew Duba

(Coached by Stephanie Christian)

Goals Achieved and Highlights:

  • Increased his Deadlift from 285 lbs to 315 lbs!
  • Added 40 lbs to his Bench Press bringing it from 220 lbs to 260 lbs!
  • Increased his Back Squat from 240 lbs to 300 lbs!
  • Improved his best set of unbroken pull-ups from 5 to 8 reps!


The Lab Rat of the Month honor just got bigger!

What’s YOUR goal?

No matter what your goal is…Health? Performance? Body composition? Strength gain? Fat loss? Muscle gain? Each transformation will be assessed, measured, and analyzed over 12 weeks by our team of professionals and we will crown our ‘Lab Rat of the Quarter”.

What: This is a 12-week goal busting, body composition and transformation challenge to provide extra motivation and incentives for you to clearly define your goals and to actively work to check these off your list, both in the short and long terms. 

When:  ‘The Inaugural Season’ will run October 16th-January 21st.

*Start (intake/assessment period): October 16th-22nd

*12 Week measurement period: 10/23/17-1/14/18

*Finish (finish/post-assessment period): January 16th-21st 


  1. Registration and entry fee: Complete the registration forms and pay the $75 entry fee.
  2. Goals determined: Participants will clearly define their individual ‘S.M.A.R.T.’ goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) for the 12 week period.
  3. Assessments taken: Will be done in the first and last weeks of the competition that are pertinent to your goals and analyzing positive change.  
    • Body composition: A series of skinfolds (3), circumferences (3), and 2 Way Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), as well as a front/side pictures to show pre/post changes (don’t worry, we will adjust this process to your personal comfort level).
    • Personally relevant performance-based assessments: Whatever you might be chasing…squat, bench, deadlift, snatch, pushups, pullups, WOD/run times, etc.
    • Behavioral change assessments: What action steps are you taking and maintaining to achieve these goals and make a positive impact on your life?
  4. Support Groups, Education, & Motivation: Nutrition education and support groups will meet on Thursday nights at 6 pm (~1-2 hours).  Groups will be used to help share useful information, insight, and of course, community support to help you attain and maintain your goals (*There may be a 2nd weekly night to accommodate for schedules).
  5. A Fun Friendly Competition: Winners will be determined on the overall achievement of the set goal.  Assessing things such as: % of body fat lost, pounds and inches lost, lean mass gained, weight training PRs, attendance/number of workouts per week, or whatever assessment parameters best analyze the actualization of your goals. Throughout the 12 weeks, our expert panel of judges will review your progress and offer guidance to keep you on course.  At the end of the 12 weeks one male and one female winner will be selected to receive $$ cash prizes $$.

So, if you are ready to step up to the #labratopenchallenge (#LROC) let’s begin by filling out this web form.  Put your goals in writing.  And the next steps will follow very soon!