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Lean and Green: 3 Ways To Order

1) 1) ‘Menu Selection’: This plan allows you to select each specific menu option you want. After you
place your order you will then fill out the ‘personal order form’ located at the top right hand side of our
website banner (above-right).  Be sure to fill out the correct form for the plan you ordered.  Then submit to or drop off at The Lab by Thursday at 12AM to receive by next order cycle (2nd Monday after submission). You may also simply fill out your order on our brochure/order form and drop off at the gym.  There are 2 weekly pickups.  Monday you will receive part of your order and Thursday you will receive the rest (this is to keep food and vegetables as fresh as possible).

2) ‘Simple Selection Plan’:  Not sure what you want?  Choose this option and we will simply send you a
variety of foods  that meet your plans needs.

3) ‘Easy Pick Up Plan’:  No need to fill out a menu or worry about pick up times!   If you are ready to start now, this is the best option for you!  Simply, pick up food as you come and go from the gym A La Carte selections.  Limit to no more than 3 days of food at a time.