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Lean and Green FAQ

-I am interested, so what do I do?
A: Pick the best plan for you.  It is not hard at all but if you are stumped email  Once you have picked your plan (small, medium, large, XL, A La Carte), purchase either the 7 or 28 day option (save big with the 28 day option).  After purchasing fill out the ‘personal order form’ excel sheet or one of our brochures with your exact food requests based on the guidelines of your plan (guidelines given on order form, brochure, and website).  After you have selected your foods email your excel sheet to or drop off your sheet or brochure at The Lab Gym by 12AM on Tuesday to receive your order by the following Monday at 5pm.

-How does this work?
A: Lean & Green works for several reasons. First by controlling calories with pre-portioned servings, thereby forcing portion control.  Using frequent feedings with a low glycemic index Lean & Greeners remain satisfied and full without going hungry AND maintaining a healthy stable blood sugar level.  Appetite and portions are under control and adherence to the plan is simple! Lean & Greeners NEVER go hungry!  The meals are convenient, delicious, affordable, making it super easy so stick to the plan and not miss any meals!  Finally a plan you can stick too!  The Lean & Green lifestyle also manages metabolism and hormones in a way to optimize fat burning on TOP of calorie control. Insulin, glucagon, cholecystokinin, ghrelin, leptin, IGF-1, Peptide YY, are important hormones that the Lean & Green lifestyle can nutritionally support.

-How do I eat this?
A: Just as the name of the program, ‘Lean & Green.’ Every meal has a protein and vegetable option (with the exception of the breakfast entrees which has fruit/berries or additional protein option). Simply select the protein options you like for your given plan as well as a vegetable side to go with it.  When you get your foods you can mix and match any combination you want for your meals with one basic rule.  You must eat your meats AND vegetables! If you are on the small or medium plan there are ‘snack’ options that are selected for each day.  Those are ready to go as is. Simply eat those between your meals, ensuring you are eating about every 2-3 hours. For a more detailed look at what each plan would look like go to the meal plan page of choice for a sample day.

A: The foods come in microwaveable plastic bags that can heat and eat right out of or simply cut open and place your foods on a plate.  Specific heating options are listed on each food label however; meats should be microwaved for 1.5-3 minutes and vegetables for 1-2 minutes. Use caution when opening bags from microwave as heat and steam may emit from the bag. You may also re-grill or oven cook your foods briefly to a desired temperature (burgers pre-cooked to medium, steaks to medium rare but may be cooked up by you). Foods placed in plastic containers (salads, some eggs, lettuce wraps, yogurt, some grains) should NOT be heated in those containers. If food is ready to eat (lettuce wraps, salad, yogurt) no preparation is required.  Otherwise, place food into microwave safe container to prepare.  Packaged vegetables should not be eaten past 7 days (if you find vegetables that have spoiled or are unsuitable to eat please inform us and we will replace or refund, of course within a 7 day period).  Meats will last for at least 2 weeks. Foods may be frozen and eaten at a later date. Foods are made in facilities with fish/nuts and we are not responsible for food allergies.

-Which plan is best for me?
A: Selecting the best plan for you is very important. Depending on your goal, how fast you wish to achieve your goal, your exercise habits, and your body size, there will be important factors to consider. The faster you wish to achieve your goal and the less exercise you perform the smaller plans will be more appropriate.  However, with increasing body mass and exercise activity, the larger plans are more suitable.

The small plan (3 meals, 2 snacks/day) is recommended for the fastest weight loss. The daily average calorie intake is 1200-1400 calories.  It is the ideal plan for female weight loss, less active women or men, and smaller body types (about 150lbs or less). May also be supplemented with add-on carbohydrates for pre and/or post workout needs (note: not recommended with more intense weight loss goal).

The medium plan (3 meals, 3 snacks) is recommended for fast weight loss and it is the ideal plan for male weight loss and more active women. Also more suitable for larger body types (about 150lbs or more). The daily average calorie intake is 1400-1600 calories.   May also be supplemented with add-on carbohydrates for pre and/or post workout needs (note: not recommended with more intense weight loss goal).

Large Plan (6 meals/day) is recommended for weight loss/maintenance for those more active.  Also for those with larger bodyweights and lean body mass (about 150lbs or more). Average daily calories are 1800-2000.  Great for the bodybuilding or figure competitor!  You may also supplement with add-on carbohydrates for pre and/or post workout needs (note: not recommended with more intense weight loss goal).

XL Plan (8 meals/day) is recommended for maintenance and lean mass gain for those more active and weight loss for those with largest body types and large amounts of physical activity. Also for those with large bodyweights and lean body mass (about 200lbs or more). Average daily calories are 2400-2600.  You may also supplement with add-on carbohydrates for pre and/or post workout needs (note: not recommended with more intense weight loss goal).

Pre and/or Post Workout Add Ons: Add some healthy Paleo friendly carbohydrates to your pre and/or post workout meal! For pre-workout choose from yams, quinoa, brown rice, apple, orange, or banana. And for post workout choose from yam, quinoa, or brown rice. You may also double up the portions for larger carb needs and carb additions to other meals when needed.

A La Carte: Already know what you are doing? Do you have higher needs? Getting ready for a bodybuilding or figure show? Or just simply want to create your own plan or supplement your current diet? Go ahead and mix and match all you want!

-How much weight can I lose?
A: This all depends on your current weight, body fat %, age, exercise habits, and strict adherence to the plan. But, average weight loss is 2+lbs per week!!! If you exercise on top of this, the transformation will be even more outstanding!

-Can I alter or make a special plan for me?
A: Yes, simply use the A La Carte option.

-So you are Paleo ‘friendly.’ So what does that mean and what is ‘Paleo?’
A:  Our food selections come from that consistent with paleolithic nutrition principles. We do bend the rules with some dairy in a couple items. Otherwise, we are right in line. Paleo is a term used to describe a diet based on what nature intended for human consumption.  What was naturally put on earth for our health and well-being. Look in the wild. There are no health experts, doctors, or anyone telling animals what to eat. They innately KNOW and seek it. They do not experience the same diseases and health maladies as animals in captivity or even human beings. For Lean & Green we merely use the term ‘Paleo’ to describe and define a healthy guideline to eating and a framework for which to make a menu which just happens to coincide perfectly with the best fat loss tactics known to man. In short, Paleo encourages meats/eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds.  And discourages grain, dairy, and legumes. For more info on this topic go to:

1) Brief video on Paleo: watch this!
2) Fantastic resource on all you ever wanted to know on Paleo:

-Can I add additional foods to the plan?
A: If your goal is weight loss, NO. You should avoid everything not on the plan, period. Besides, you will not want to after following the plan as meals are frequent and the food is great! If you are on maintenance, or using this for performance reasons you may add foods that may be needed to suit your goals. You may chew sugar free gum, you’re welcome;)

-How is the food prepared?
A: By top notch chefs and dietitians in St. Louis. Our foods are all allocated from local farmers and produced at Fresh Gatherings at St. Louis University.

-Can I add Condiments or toppings to the foods?
A: This is a tough one. Yes and no. Most of the foods are made with very minimal seasoning for a few reasons. For one it is healthier, secondly the foods come from such a high quality source and are cooked so well they don’t need them! But, finally we realize that you all have your very own preferences and tastes so we thought we would leave that up to you to decide what to do. If your goal is weight loss all that you should add for best results is your favorite herbs or spices. Some sauces and flavorings can be added without negatively impacting the calorie content like mustard, hot sauce, vinegar, salsa, and specialty products like that form Walden foods (of course, we are getting away from our natural concept here). If you are successful on the plan, are going nuts, or are on more of a maintenance routine, things like cheese and your favorite sauces can be used to flavor things up (Barbecue sauce, A1, ketchup, and many things if used within reason). But, of course be reasonable with the portion, ‘a little dab will do ya’. Just use a little on the side to enjoy the foods and flavors without driving the calories up.

A: Water, and plenty of it. Carry a glass bottle around filled with water at all times. Other approved drinks would be black coffee and unsweetened green tea. However, if you just got to have it, things like diet soda, and sugar free drinks will not destroy the plan. But, WE RECOMMEND ONLY CONUMSING WATER. If you are on maintenance and just enjoying a healthy lifestyle a few alcoholic drinks per week are no problem. In fact a variety of beers and wines have powerful antioxidants and proven health benefts.  But, if weight loss is you goal, abstain.

-Where do I pick up my food?  When?
A:  At The Lab Gym located at 5035 Manchester Ave, 63108, 314-256-1411( For personal meal plan pick up orders are available at 5pm every Monday & Thursday(orders due by Thursday at 12AM to receive by next order cycle (2nd Monday after submission).  More pick times to come!  There are also A La Carte options available every day at The Lab Gym.

-Are there delivery options available?
A: Not yet, coming soon!

-What are my ordering options?
A: 1) ‘Menu Selection’: This plan allows you to select each specifc menu option you want. After you place your order you will then fill out the ‘personal order form’ located at the top right hand side of our website banner (above-right).  Be sure to fill out the correct  form for the plan you ordered.  Then submit to or drop off at The Lab by Thursday at 12AM to receive by next order cycle (2nd Monday after submission).  There are 2 weekly pickups.  Monday you will recieve  part of your order and Thursday you will recieve the rest (this is to keep food and vegetables as fresh as possible).

2) ‘Simple Selection Plan’:Not sure what you want? Choose this option and we will simply send you a variety of foods that meet your plan’s needs.

3) ‘Easy Pick Up Plan’:No need to fill out a menu or worry about pick up times! If you are ready to start now, this is the best option for you. Simply pick up food as you come and go from the gym A La Carte selections. Limit to no more than 3 days of food at a time.