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Lean and Green: About Us









Lean & Green is an easy to follow personal meal plan that provides healthy portioned food provisions and takes the guess work out of your diet plan.  Simply follow the best plan for you and enjoy your lean lifestyle!

Lean & Green follows a model using healthy lean proteins and fiberous carbohydrates that are low glycemic, filling, satisfying, and delicious.  Lean & Green is also “Paleo’ friendly allowing you to follow a diet that nature intended.  On Lean & Green you will find yourself not only looking great but feeling great and becoming healthier then ever!

The food is prepared by top notch chefs and dietitians in St. Louis. Our foods are all allocated from local farmers and produced at Fresh Gatherings at St. Louis University.

Lean & Green meal plans come in 7 day or 28 day plans.  First pick your plan size (S, M, L, XL)  and duration (7 day or 28 day).  Then you will pick the number of foods required to fill that plan from our menu selction.

Small: 3 meals, 2 snacks (per day), average of 1200-1400 daily calories
Medium: 3 meals, 3 snacks (per day), average of 1400-1600 daily calories
Large: 6 meals (per day), average of 1800-2000 daily calories
XL: 8 meals (per day), average of 2400-2600 daily calories
***All may be increased with appropriate add on carbohydrates for workout needs

A La Carte: whatever you like!

Meal pickup weekly at The Lab Gym at 5035 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, Mo, 63108.

Home delivery in the St. Louis area available soon!