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From her trainer Steve:

“This woman is definitely among the most inspiring members at The Lab, and without a doubt gives new meaning to the phrase “NO EXCUSES”. As most of you all have seen in passing by during class times and a couple Instagram posts here and there…the pregnant crossfitter. She has had amazing attendance and was the most consistent among all the 5:30am members, even throughout all trimesters. She was consistent 5 out of the 6 days every week, bright and early.
She maintained all her lifts that she has improved on since joining Heavy Metal Crossfit all throughout pregnancy. Imagine doing the Olympic lifts and body weight exercises with freaking medball attached to your waist. Here are some improvements on her lifts that were maintained during pregnancy…

Bench: 90×3 to 115×3 (maintained)
Deadlift: started out not knowing how to 190×2 (hit in last trimester)
Overhead squat : 75×3 to 105×3 maintained
*side note – she may be the most mobile person at the lab… Able to hit a full clean grip sotts press ass to grass in 3rd trimester
Bsqt: 155×3 to 185×3 but was able to hit 175×3 last month of pregnancy
front squat: 135×3 until last month
Strict press : 70×3 to 90×3 maintained
Push press: 75×3 to 110×3 maintained
Snatch and clean and jerk had to be regressed to just the pull or deadlift obviously during third trimester… But was very proficient until nature took its course.

WODS: so this is hard to measure since women have to monitor their heart rate during pregnancy. She hated wallballs at the start, now she has no problem attacking a “Karen” (150 for time). She was always one of the most fearless metal heads when it came to the WODS in class, never backing down from RX and never scaled until we absolutely had to during her 3rd trimester.

The last WOD she did was a Saturday session.. A partner wod of wallballs and tire flips…. AT 40 WEEKS AND 1 DAY. She came in a day past her due date, completely unadvised by most professionals, but she defied the odds and wanted to prove everyone wrong.. She went into labor that night… What a badass!

Oh and was able to hit 100 unbroken double unders in last trimester…no big deal. Also could hit triple unders. She’s got skills.

JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS… I had 100% tight communication with Alex throughout this time period regardless of that day’s class size.. Constantly checking up on how she felt during certain movements/WODS..scaling where appropriate. Fully aware of pelvic floor anytime jump rope or box jumps or the like came up and generally making sure she or the kid were ever in harms way. She stayed confident in everything… Very reluctant to scale when I advised but we kept her safe and RPE manageable when appropriate.

Quote from Alex:
“Anderson Kane Simkins was born on 4/12, 7lbs 8oz of healthy perfection. People who were not crossfitters or weightlifters said I was crazy to keep doing crossfit throughout my pregnancy. They’d ask me if my Dr. said it was ok and I even got a few unasked for opinions as to the safety of my kid or my “loose joints” while “lifting heavy” . I was able to keep up a fairly heavy weight routine, thanks to prior fitness level before getting pregnant, but what I’m most proud of is the fact that I was able to consistently show up at 5:30am, and perform exercises that kept my conditioning, flexibility and strength up while growing a freaking human being. I was able to listen to my body and scale the movements as needed. I never felt like I was over taxing my system or doing anything that would put Anders or me in harms way. Honestly, crossfit was my sanity the past 9 months and comparing this pregnancy to my last where I wasn’t doing crossfit; night and day difference.”