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Winner-Mike May with trainer Reuben

2nd Place-Julie Sodd

3rd Place-Gerhadt Gern

From his trainer Reuben:

– Down another 10.4 lbs this month (233.4 -> 223.0)
– BF is down another 3.3% (27.9 -> 24.6)
– Lean weight was nearly maintained (down 0.2 lbs)
– This is the third month in a row that Mike has lost 10 pounds or more.

12 Week totals:
Body Weight: – 31lbs (254 ->223)
Lean weight: +2.907
Fat weight: – 33.906
BF%: – 10.346
Inches lost: -20.49 (255.25 ->234.75)

Mike has been extremely dedicated to every aspect of the program. Not only does he kick ass every day he steps into the gym, Mike practices daily meditation, strives to improve his sleep habits, and has been nearly perfect on his diet since starting. Often times I see Mike come in 30 minutes before his workout time just to get mentally and physically prepared. After the workout is completed he always makes sure to cool down and stretch before going back to his hectic schedule. On boot camp days Mike leaves everything he has on the floor (including numerous pools of sweat) and refuses to quit even when he has nothing left. Mike has mentioned that this experience has changed his life in numerous ways and has strengthened his marriage and family life. I could not be more proud of Mike. He has been a pleasure to train and motivates me every day.