jen - july

From her trainer Drew:

“Jenn is constantly battling with health problems believed to be caused by lupus. She’s extremely strong and is a true warrior for continuing to train through all of the battles she faces. While training for the Missouri State powerlifting meet Jenn got shingles. Not only did this put her in excruciating pain constantly but held back her training greatly for about 6 weeks. All of this occurred just a few weeks before the meet. Even not being at 100% Jenn showed up to the meet ready to give her all. She still managed to hit a PR meet squat, deadlift, and total. She deadlifted over 300 pounds at the meet for the first time. Not only did she manage to do this, but she has also lost about 15 or more pounds and dropped nearly 5% bodyfat. All of this has been done training on her own 95% of the time due to living out of town for work. She is continually pushing herself to the next level and plans to drop another weight class for her next competition.”