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From Coach Jimmy Duke:

“Jerrone Wynn from Lift for Life Gym qualified to the Youth World Championship that will be held in Lima, Peru in April.  While do that, he shattered all three American Records.  The record before Juniors was 64 in the snatch, 84 in the CJ and the total was 148.  He opened at 66, then hit 69 and then 71 to break that record by 7 kg.  He then opened at 87 in the CJ and also made 90kg setting that record by 6kg and breaking the total American Record by 13kg (161kg total).  More amazingly, we got to the host city 38 hours before his weigh-in a whopping 3.24 kg (that’s over 7lbs) over weight.  I told him it was alright if he wanted to go up a class it was ok but he would not have a shot at the world team or the records.  I also told him he would experience 38 hours of hell (sauna, not eating or drinking, etc.).  he wanted to go through with it.  At that point of locking his weightclass in, we would not be able to change it later.

During this process, there were moments I had weakness.  There were times he looked pretty rough and I offered that he could give up and he wouldn’t be a failure.  Asking a 13 year old to cut 10% of his body weight in a week and the last 7% in the last 38 hours is not something I am OK with.  He kept saying he wanted to forge on!  At 7:30am (before his 9am weigh-in) he made weight with 90 minutes to spare!  I was ecstatic!

The next question was would he have the legs to compete…. He did and did it like an f@#$%-in mad man!  He looked like nothing ever happened.  The following day, when the entire meet ended, that he had qualified as the YOUNGEST athlete to make the team on the girls or guys teams.  I dont think i have ever been so proud of someone.

Since he has been back he has not gotten complacent.  His average lifts have been about 3kg higher in the snatch and 4kg higher in the clean and jerk.”