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Job Opportunities: Personal Trainer & Strength Coaches

Title: Personal Trainer & Strength Coaches at The Lab Gym   Location: CWE St. Louis

Note: Full time only, mornings & evenings, and one weekend day required. Previous experience is MANDATORY. NO PHONE CALLS OR WALK INS.

Think you have what it takes to be a part of the best training staff in town?

We are ALWAYS looking for new talent and potential members for our team
so please feel free to send us a resume. But, FIRST read below…

Interested in an exciting career working in a professional, aggressive, and productive health and performance environment? The Lab
Gym is looking for outstanding men and women to become members of our growing team and continue to step forward as the most
consistent, effective, and cutting edge health and performance team available to the public. We are looking for those who can excel
as individuals but even more so as a team player.

One who can adopt The Lab’s training methodologies and integrate their own
expertise and winning personality. If this isn’t you please save your and our time. We are only interested in those who are willing to
commit their every effort, time, and focus on rising to the top of this industry. With a diverse population from preventative health,
weight loss, and performance we have a large range of training needs that you may choose to excel in.

A minimum of 1 year experience is required; however, 3 years working as a trainer is desired. We are looking for individuals with a
nationally recognized certification; however, preferable are NSCA, ACSM, PICP, and in some cases ACE, NASM, ISSA will be accepted, etc. Health related degrees and athletic
backgrounds are a plus. We like that you practice what you preach and will serve as a positive example and role model to our
demanding clientele.

If you do not meet these requirements but feel you have other strengths you bring to the table and/or will be
willing to become certified in the above certifications please apply and some exceptions may be made.

(*Note: Strength Coaches MUST have an NSCA C.S.C.S credential. A USAW club coach certification is also desired.)

Continuing education and training are required with this position as you will become a certified “Lab” trainer. You will undertake the
knowledge and experience of The Lab’s philosophy and experiences in the field and adopt them to your practice while developing
your career with The Lab Gym. You will work the Lab’s ironclad and proven training model to the respective clientele which is both
solid and dynamic. You will never get bored taking your clients through our many phases and systems of training.

At The Lab you will be entering into both an educational system and a team based approach to training. The Lab is NOT a place for
individuals but superstars for our all star TEAM. We meet weekly to collaborate, learn, review, and discuss case studies. Attendance
is required. Furthermore, you will be working closely with registered dietitians to compliment your diet and exercise programs.
There is a reason we deliver the most amazing and consistent results with our clients and it comes to our high quality control with our
systemized and team based approach.

We have a 3 phase model focusing on posture, mobility, and stability. We use aggressive compound ground based movements and
you will see daily squatting and deadlifting (in one form or another, you must be both comfortable and proficient with these) as well
as many compound, isolation, prehab/rehab movements. Mostly free weights, but many machines, bodyweight, and random objects
are used in our training model. Likewise, we have the most comprehensive training system on earth. All parameters of fitness are
addressed and each client graduates from one level to the next as if moving from a white to black belt.

Sectors and populations that we work with (some specialize in in only one particular area and some work in all areas):

-Personal Training: 1-on-1, small, and large groups. Focusing on general fitness, body composition, and preventative health.

-Sports Performance: 1-on-1, small, and large groups.

-Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and Strongman training.

-CrossFit and other diversified forms of training.

Compensation starts at $10-50/hr+ based on performance and certifications for services provided and will increase based on Lab
trainer classification and hours worked (you will first undergo many hours of shadowing and training). Likewise, difference services will be compensated accordingly.

Note: this is a FULL TIME position only and those who commit will become very busy and earn a great income. Hours needed are typically (there is some flexibility here but if you can’t come close to this please do not apply):

Mon-Fri AM: typically from around 5:30am until 9:30am or10:30am AND around 3:00-8:00pm (give or take an hour here and there). Also, a short shift of around 4 hours is expected on Saturday mornings.

We also have a variety of internship options available.