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Personal Training: 1-on-1, Buddy, Semi-private, LASER


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We proudly employ the best trainer’s in St. Louis! Education is at the forefront of requirements to even be considered for a position as a personal trainer.  Coupled with that, is the appropriate certifications (CSCS required).  Unfortunately in our industry there is a lot of posers out there.  You can actually go online pay $10, take a quiz and you are a “certified personal trainer”.  NOT HERE!!  Time in the industry is another consideration, we do not take on anyone that has not had previous experience.  Not only is our staff well ahead of the learning curve, they follow The Lab’s time tested, success driven programming that has been the catalyst for many pounds lost and many, many ailments stifled.  Our trainer’s are the MOST MOTIVATED group too! They want to see you reach your goals more than you do! And that’s why it’s so easy for them to guide you there. We offer many programs from 1-on-1 personal training, Buddy Sessions (groups of 2), Semi Private Training (Groups of 4), The “LASER” Weight Loss Program and more.

At The Lab we know not everyone has the same formula for success and why we must meet to discuss and analyze your goals, needs, and find the best program options for you, your budget, and your schedule. Contact us, so you can schedule your FREE consultation to find out how we can hep you reach your goals, look great, and feel better, GUARANTEED!

“But, how much does it cost?”

We have MANY programs and options ranging from $15-$120 per session.  Determining factors are based on which program you commit to, the duration of that program and which Level of Trainer you decide to work with.  All of these factors correlate back to your goals and how we can help you achieve them.  While one-on-one training can be more costly, it does allow us to tailor more personally to you and comprehensively work on all of your needs. Conversely, group training is a fun motivating group support system that can save you money and still help you reach your goals.  Just take a look at all of our amazing  success stories!