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Olympic Weightlifting & Team L.A.B.


Nothing but the most advanced form of weightlifting on earth.  No, not ‘powerlifting.’  This is Olympic Weightlifting.  Executing precision, speed, power, coupled with extreme flexibility and athleticism Olympic lifting is the ultimate form of  weightlifting in and of itself as sport and to enhance athletic prowess and quality of life like no other modality can.

Whether you want to train and eventually arrive at the Olympics or  simply  learn how to smoke some  flawless snatches, cleans, and jerks come join us at Team L.A.B.  We have everything from Olympic hopefuls, National Champions,  Schoolage National Champions, Junior National Champions, Crossfitters, business executives, young, old  and many who are picking up a barbell for their first time ever.  All skill levels welcome and all goals with lifting are welcome here.  We compete as a team locally and nationally.  In our sessions we cover everything from the finer parts of the lifts to maximum execution.  Complete with technical assistance lifts, strength training assistance lifts, and anything and everything Olympic Weightlifting.  We have 14 dedicated platforms and TONS of weights so bring it!

Current Class Schedule:
*Note: Team L.A.B. trains daily, some are here to just learn the lifts, and some to compete.

We meet as a group for coaching on:

  • Monday 6PM-8PM (big group)
  • Tuesday 6PM-8PM (and Team LAB 2)
  • Wednesday 6PM-PM (big group)
  • Thursday 6PM-8PM (and Team LAB 2)
  • Saturday 8AM-10AM (big group) (Team LAB 2: 10-12)

We also have special classes for Crossfiters and Crossfit coaches exclusively on Tu/Tr from 1:30-3:30pm

Don’t live near by?  No problem, try Team LAB Online!