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Welcome to Heavy Metal CrossFit at The Lab Gym

IMPORTANT: MANDATORY registration for CROSSFIT/BOOTCAMP classes…EVERY TIME! Attendance at Heavy Metal CrossFit and Justin’s Bootcamp classes at the Lab is BOOMING and we extend a WARM WELCOME to all the new participants! Our coaches are highly trained, credentialed, experienced and accustomed to training clients of all experience and ability levels. To keep things running smoothly, to ensure that there is sufficient coaching and equipment for the number of people expected to attend a class, and to be fair to your fellow Metalheads/Bootcampers who want to have a spot in class to participate, we have a number of important Registration/Sign-In Rules and Class Rules we need all members, new and veteran, to respect:Registration/Sign-In Rules

  • You must pre-register for classes on Mindbody to ensure that you are allowed to participate in a CrossFit or Bootcamp class! If you do not pre-register, you will not be allowed to participate in the class. Classes fill quickly, so be sure to sign up in advance especially if you have a tight schedule. Please!
  • Be considerate and cancel 24 hours in advance! If it is not 24 hours in advance, please still cancel as soon as you know you cannot attend. If you have pre-registered for a CrossFit or Bootcamp class, and you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration on Mindbody. If you do not cancel and you are a “no show” for class, you will be charged a $20 no show fee. Everyone receives one “warning” for their first no show.
  • Don’t be tagged as a “No Show” if you show up for class! Sign in for class on the sign in sheet with the CrossFit class coordinator! When you attend class, you must also sign in on the class notebook to verify your attendance. This list is compared against the Mindbody list and if you fail to sign in, you will be tagged as a no show.

Following these simple procedures every time will ensure there is enough space and equipment set up for all participants.

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