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Over the past few months, we’ve had a lot of Lab members and staffers compete in local, national and international competitions. We wanted to recognize a few of our amazing people for all of their hard work and dedication (in no particular order). Congratulations to everyone!

Crossfit Games Central Regional

Steve Wallace

Steve competed in the Crossfit Games Central Regionals Competition held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 15 – 17. Over the course of three days, he competed with top level competitors testing the range and depth of his capabilities.  


Heavy Metal Crossfit
May 16 marked our first in-house Crossfit competition. ‘Metalocolyse’ was a huge success that challenged all of our Crossfit Metalheads to participate in a four event competition. Eight teams duked it out, demonstrating strength, endurance and teamwork. After a tough competition, Steve Wang, Stacey Hirst, Matt Fiess and Stephanie Mitchell prevailed. The winning team didn’t just take home bragging rights, each member also received one month’s membership. Congratulations to everyone that competed: John Land, John Nguyen, Caroline Becker, Wade Self, An Cao, Matt Morlock, Fielding Jezreel, Craig Richards, JD Moore, Katie Moore, Blair Bacher, Steve Halachoulis, Haley Millner, John Sutterfield, Beth Martychenko, Matt Hallerman, Dan Orlowsky, Bryan Buck, Nichole Holzum, Ashley Colon, Alex Hill, Karin Bliznik, Arina Olshevska, James Russell, Jelena Swalley, Brittany Ashcraft, Larry Persons and Nick Popielski!

36th Annual St. Louis Senior Olympics    

Lydia Kasanezky and Scott Marler
Lydia Kasanezky competed in the 36th Annual St. Louis Senior Olympics at the Jewish Community Center on May 21 – 26. She competed in the 50-54 age group for the 130 -161 lb. weight class (she weighed in at 135 lb). Lydia competed with the leg press, arm curl and bench press. She took first place in all three event lifting 51.7% body weight in arm curl; 84.93% in bench press and 519.2% in leg press.


Greater Gateway Games

Dan Orlowsky, Sam Kuhlenberg, Alex and Adam Simkins
Adam Simkins, Alex Simkins, Dan Orlowsky and Sam Kuhlenberg competed in the 2nd Annual Greater Gateway Games (G3) on August 29 and 30 at the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Mo.  They finished 40th out of 92 teams in their division.


USAPL Great Rivers Powerlifting Championship

Jess Bryant, Jenn Lilly, Drew Thompson, Rhonda Winterhalter, Connor Young Chris Thacker
Our Power Team continues to grow and we have a robust community of competitive powerlifters. On April 25, six lifters competed in the Great Rivers Powerlifting Championship at The Bar in Swansea, Il. All of our lifters placed first within their respective divisions, Jess Bryant won best all-over female lifter and Chris Thacker won best all-over male lifter. Congratulations to Jess Bryant, Jenn Lilly, Chris Thacker, Sherman Voegtle, Rhonda Winterhalter and Connor Andreano-Young for an awesome job! Lab Gym Personal Trainer, Drew Thompson coached all the competitors.


USAPL Missouri State Powerlifting and Midwest Open

Chris Cholley, Julie Sodd, Rhonda Winterhalter, Drew Thompson, Connor Andreano-Young, Sherman Voegtle, Janelle Finder, Scott Marler and Jenn Lilly
The Lab proudly hosted our first USA Powerlifting competition on June 20. We packed the house for the 2015 Missouri State Powerlifting and Midwest Open with 110 lifters plus hundreds of spectators from all across the Midwest. Our Power Team came out strong with eight lifters competing, including Chris Cholley, Janelle Finder, Scott Marler, Jenn Lilly, Julie Sodd, Sherman Voegtle, Rhonda Winterhalter and Connor Andreano-Young. You all rocked and we couldn’t be more excited for you. Lab Gym Personal Trainer, Drew Thompson, coached our Power Team competitors. Thank you to everyone that volunteered and helped make this event possible.


St. Louis Affiliate Championship

Dan DeWeese, Max O’Malley, Caroline Becker and Fielding Jezreel
Caroline Becker, Dan DeWeese, Fielding Jezreel and Max O’Malley competed in the St. Louis Affiliate Championship on June 27 at the Bud Dome in St. Louis. The event brought together the St. Louis Crossfit community to compete for fittest affiliate.


USA Weightlifting Regionals and Lab Gym Spring Open

Kyle Dosterschill, Justin Thacker, Heather Gilbert, Pat Mahoney, Karena Etters, Adrienne Davis, Mindy House, Amy Hamilton, Mada Hauck, Megan Grantom, Stacy Hirst
The Lab Gym partnered with USA Weightlifting to help host the first regional competition at St. Louis Union Station on April 30 – May 2. USAW Regionals was held in conjunction with the Lab Gym’s Spring Open. Team L.A.B. had lifters compete in both Regionals and the Lab Open. Congratulations to all of the participants and coaches, including Taveon Sanders, Anthony Kilbert, Antwan Kilbert, Rob Pence, Dan White, Ryan Crandall, Hunter Anderson, Matt Fitzgerald, Steve Wallace, Amy Hamilton, Karena Etters, Adrienne Davis, Caroline Becker, Madeleiene Hauck, Melinda House, Heather Gilbert, Erin Ely, Erika Lenox, Stacy Hirst, Megan Grantom, Ashley Kent, Tabitha Porter, Jerrone Wynn, Patrick Harty, Cuong Ly, Jamika Wynn, Anthony Kent and Stacy Hirst.

We had an awesome group of volunteers that helped make the event a huge success. Thank you to everyone that made it possible.


Illinois State Weightlifting Championships

Pat Mahoney and Jacque Albus
Lab Gym Personal Trainer, Pat Mahoney and Jacque Albus competed in the Illinois State Weightlifting Championships in Matton, Il. on March 28-29.

2015 Crossfit Games

Emily Abbott
Emily Abbott took 8th place in the 2015 Crossfit Games (she also took first place in regionals for Canada West) that were held in Carson, Ca. in July. The Games are world-renowned as a grueling test for the world’s toughest athletes.


2015 International Weightlifting Federation Youth Pan American Championships

Team USA Male Weightlifters
Richard Beemer competed in the 2015 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Youth Pan American Championships on September 15 – 20 in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. The prestigious annual event featured elite youth-level competitors between the ages of 13 and 17 from nations across the Americas. The American lifters earned their roster spots with Team USA based on combined rankings from two events: the 2014 USA Weightlifting American Open last December in Washington, D.C.; and the recent 2015 USA Weightlifting National Youth Championships June 25-28 in Minneapolis.


USA Weightlifting National Youth Championships

Lift for Life Weightlifters
Lab Gym Personal Trainer, Jimmy Duke, coached the Lift for Life weightlifters at USA Weightlifting National Youth Championships on June 25 – 28 in Minneapolis. The boys brought home the 3rd place team trophy. The Lift for Life team included Jerrone Wynn, Jerome Smith, Ashley Kent, Anthony Kent, Antwan Kilbert, Anthony Kilbert and Taveon Sanders. Richard Beemer also competed and was coached by Justin Thacker.

USA Weightlifting National Championships

Kyle Dosterschill, Tabitha Porter, Justin Thacker, Pat Mahoney, Zach Hughes and Megan Grantom
Team Lab had a group of lifters that qualified and competed in the USA Weightlifting National Championships that were held in Dallas, Texas on August 13 – 16. This premier annual weightlifting event gathers the best weightlifters in the United States and serve as the primary qualifier for the 2015 International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championships that will take place in November in Houston. Approximately 225 athletes and 150 coaches will participate in the event. Megan Grantom, Tabitha Porter, Jimmy Duke and Kyle Dosterschill all competed in this high level competition. Pat Mahoney and Justin Thacker helped coach the lifters.


2015 USA Weightlifting National University Championships

Kyle Dosterschill

Team Lab Coach, Kyle Dosterschill, won the 94 kg weight class at University National Championship that was held in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 24 – 27. This competition is it is the primary qualification event for the International University Sports Federation (FISU)/International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World University Championships.

IWF 2015 Masters World Cup

Jacque Albus
Jacque Albus took first place in her weight class at the 2015 Masters World Cup held in conjunction with USA Weightlifting National Championships in Dallas, Texas on August 13 – 16. She was coached by Kyle Dosterschill.


Jacque Albus and Adrienne Davis
Adrienne Davis and Jacque Albus both competed in the Pan American Masters Weightlifting Championships that were held in Savannah, Georgia on June 4 – 7. Team Lab coaches, Kyle Dosterschill and Pat Mahoney coached the lifters. Jacque Albus won 3rd place in her weight class.

USAPL Pro Raw Challenge at The Arnold Sports Festival

Drew Thompson
Lab Gym Personal Trainer, Drew Thompson competed in the The USAPL Pro Raw Challenge at the Arnold Sports Festival held in Columbus, Ohio on Feb 1 – 4. Drew took 4th place in the 83kg weight class and was coached by Chris Thacker and Pat Mahoney. He qualified for the competition at Raw Nationals in Aurora, Colorado. Congratulations to everyone from Team Lab that competed in the USAW portion of the festival as well.

MIA Classic

Justin Thacker and Kyle Dosterschill

Kyle Dosterschill and Justin Thacker, both competed in the MIA Classic in Miami on June 20 – 21. The MIA is the largest USAW sanctioned meet in South Florida, and South of Orlando.