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Lets take a minute to recognize a few of our members and employees for their hard work and dedication. We had a number of Lab Rats represent us in both local and national competitions.


Once again Team LAB shipped out to Columbus Ohio for the Arnold Classic. And once again we were represented in both Powerlifting AND Weightlifting!
From Team LAB Weightlifting we had: Adreinne Davis, Karena Etters, Ralston Baker, and Kyle Dosterchill. On the Powerlifting side we had The Lab’s General Manager Chris Thacker.
Adreinne Davis

Adrienne Davis was first up for Team LAB and came back with a vengeance! This was her third Arnold Classic experience. And in her own words, “Iwent 3/3 at 45/47/49kg (99lbs/104/108lbs). I made 58kg (127lbs) in the clean and jerk, so a 107 total. (2014 Arnold I only made one snatch (my third). 2015 Arnold I bombed out in snatch. 2016 Arnold, today, with another year experience under my belt, learning from the good and the bad experiences, I went 3 for 3 in snatch and couldn’t be happier. I said last

Karena Etters

year, as I was messy-crying in the emergency exit hall “I’ll be back.” So glad I came back.
Next up for Team Lab was another Arnold veteran Karena Etters. Karena yet again goes 6 for 6 making ALL of her lifts and setting personal records in the snatch (69kg), clean and jerk (92kg), and total (161kg). 

Ralston Baker

On the men’s side first up was new father Ralston Baker lifting in the 94kg weight class. This is Ralston’s first time at the Arnold AND his first meet as a father! Ralston finished with a 125kg snatch and 155kg clean and jerk for a 280kg total (PR total as a father).  Finally, on the weightlifting

Kyle Dosterchill

side was Kyle Dosterchill who made the best performance of his young career so far with a 150kg snatch (just barely missing 155kg) and 190kg clean and jerk. This was a break through performance for him as he now sets his sights on the 2016 National Championships.

On the Powerlifting side The Lab’s very own Chris Thacker competed in one of the hardest competitions to qualify for. In which the top lifters at the previous national Championships are selected to go and compete on the big stage at the Arnold.

Chris Thacker

It was Chris’ first year at the Arnold. And in his own words, “My 1st Arnold Classic is in the books and I am a little luke warm about it. I managed to pull off a meet total PR of 722.5 kg or 1592.9 lbs, by improving my squat 2.5 kg and tying my bench and deadlift from Nationals. Going into the meet I knew that the Judges standards would be very tough, given that this meet is ran by the IPF. As my Brother and Coach Justin Thacker put it, “I got called for depth, by the 3 Blind Mice”. Both his and their analysis of the situation would be fair. This is not my summary of the meet, but a mistake that I need to correct. I finished the meet making 5 of 9 attempts, leaving a lot of numbers on the platform. Chalk this up as another great learning experience. When I started in this sport I told my Brother I wanted a National medal. This weekend I took 4th in my division and earned my 1st National Medal. Definitely not the medal I was training and planning for, but I don’t plan on it being the only one. I would be remiss without A VERY HUGE Thank You to everyone that has helped me along the way. Matthew Swanson, you are the ultimate training partner. Whether its early or late, you’re ready to throw down. Every Saturday morning driving to the gym at 5 am, I pass a few after hours bars with full parking lots and think, that used to be me. DrewPatrickRhonda and everyone at The Lab Gym have all spotted me both literally and figuratively, whether its an easy rep or one that should kill me. Its unreal how very fortunate I am to have so many connections to the greatest Athletes and Coaches in Strength Sports. My handlers for the meet are both National Champions, Justin Thacker and Nick Weite, Thank you both; this should have awarded me the gold just on bad ass points. To my wife Jessica and my son Mason, Thank You, Thank You,

Chris and Justin Thacker

Thank You, I cannot say it enough. Lastly, my Coach and Brother. For over 20 years, I have been blown away by your hard work, dedication and accomplishments in Strength Sports, Weightlifting and Coaching. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. I regret not getting more involved and following you into this when I was younger. My 1st meet was just under 4 years ago, 3-17-2012. I am now 38 and I feel like I am just getting warmed up. This is true testimony of your programming and methods. You and The Lab have saved my life. You are World Class Coach, a Teacher and a Mentor. Thank You for all the work that you put into me and everyone else that you are dedicated to. Whether they admit it or not, you have changed our lives forever.

Thanks Coach. 

Oh yeah, Pat was there too.



March 26-27 marked the final weekend of the 2016 CrossFit open. We had a good turnout among members from The Lab Gym. We had over 30 participants this year, twice the number we had last year. Everyone pushed and challenged themselves through the 5 weeks. It pushed everyone outside of their comfort zone. Monday, March 28 the final results were in Taylor Streid placed 21st and may have a birth at the regional competition. Adam Fetter Place 31st and Steve Wallace placed 106th (due to injury). And once again, our Canadian athlete Emily Abbott wins the Cananda West region for the 3rd year in a row!

Danielle Bowen, Steve Wallace, Taylor Streid, Adam Fetter,  Devin McMiller and Max O_Malley


Emily Abbott (dominates Canada again)

Congratulations to all of
The Lab members that participated
you all did an awesome job!