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Squats Exercise Guide – Proper Form and Muscles Worked

All squats are not created equal. I repeat, all squats are not created equal. Many lifters and athletes perform squats in the same way in which they were first taught and/or have seen on Instagram and Youtube. While those are … Read more

78 Year Old Janis McBee Proves It's Never Too Late to Start Olympic Lifting

If you’re running low on motivation and need a Monday pick me up, then look no further than 78 year old Janis McBee. She is currently a U.S. National Masters Record holder for two age groups in the snatch, clean … Read more

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift: How, When, and Why It Should Be in Your Training

Nearly every athlete can benefit from performing unilateral leg training. Increased neuromuscular control, joint and muscular function, and muscular hypertrophy and endurance are just a few of the expected positive outcomes of including such movements (like the single leg Romanian … Read more

How to Watch the 2017 IWF Youth World Championships

Planet Earth’s best youth weightlifters have descended on Bangkok, Thailand this week in the hopes of setting new PRs — and maybe winning a medal or two — at the 2017 IWF Youth World Weightlifting Championships. Held between April 3rd and … Read more

Split Squat vs. Bulgarian Split Squat: Which Is Best for You?

In an earlier article I discussed the distinct differences between three main lower body unilateral movements and how lifters and athletes can better choose which is right for them. In this article, I am taking a deeper look at two extremely similar … Read more