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Q & A & Various Rants: Change the Order of Your Exercises?

One INCREDIBLY important early lesson is the proper order and priority of various exercises and how they relate to your goals.  In general those that require more skill, more muscle groups, heavier weights, have the highest difficulty are performed first. … Read more

Q & A & Various: Rants Testing vs. Training

To climb any mountain you must put forth a sequence of consecutive steps before you reach the top.  ALL of the steps must be taken in order to get to the top of that mountain.  It is impossible to skip … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: Strength Training Considerations Grinding, Ramping

Sometimes strength training isn’t as simple as showing up and cranking out sets and reps ad nauseam.  Of course you get out what you put in but as time goes on things can get a little more complicated than simply … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: Chaos and Consistency

MARK, MY, WORDS: Chaos and consistency is the dividing line between success or failure 99% of the time. Super simple example #1:  Would you rather have your child study with chaotic study habits or consistent study habits?  Why? (A: increases their chance … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: Kaizen

It is very easy to get caught up in the process that sometimes perspective is lost. ‘Things did not go perfectly today’ ‘I am not as: strong, skinny, ripped, fit as XYZ’ ‘Person A: Compliment given to you.  You: Yeah, … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: Pull Hard, Go Big, and Get Over it

You would think after spending over two and a half decades practicing my favorite hobbies (weightlifting) I would have it alllllllll figured out, right? Well, yes and NO!  Sure, I have committed my life to this.  Training, studying, coaching others … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: How to have never ending motivation

In nearly 2 decades in this industry there are two things that I see that stand out as limiting factors.  These two elements are the difference maker in success or failure. People typically lack: 1) Energy 2) Motivation The good news is … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: How to never lose your way

Ever get off track?  Fall of the plan?  Lose your direction?  Motivation?  Yeah, me neither;) Today let’s talk about how to not lose your way but also how to find it back as soon as possible if you do.  

Q & A & Various Rants: Attack your weakness BUT DON’T IGNORE YOUR STRENGTHS!

Today let’s look at a common and wise consideration that leaves well intended people sometimes chasing their tales. “Attack your weaknesses.” Of course, this is VERY wise and something you MUST do.  However, if this is all you do you … Read more

Q & A & Various Rants: Your an Infant, Trust Me, I am a Doctor.

In the world of radical compositional change, lifestyle change, and elite performance results there is a whole lot of mental strife that occurs inside the minds of those undertaking the respective pursuit.  Questions, concerns, fears, doubts, phobias, and all sorts … Read more