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Lab Rat of the Year 2016: Rita Carrington!

We are SO excited to finally announce the 2016 Lab Rat of the Year Winner: Rita Carrington!!!  Read her story below: “Rita has changed in so many ways since joining the Lab.  Her time here started as a job, but … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH- January 2016

Trainer Drew Thompson says, “Trish Foster – Continuing with her incredible progress. Trish had another awesome month and keeps smashing through goals. This month: Body fat down another 3% Body weight down 7lbs 28 pushups Added 20 pounds to her … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH- February 2016

Trainer Reuben Bowlby says: “Continuing to kill it. Trains 6 days per week for 2hrs per day like clockwork despite owning and operating a very successful company. Rod put in a tremendous amount of effort to prepare his body for … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-December: Thea Rubin

Thea Rubin In the words of her trainer Reuben: “Goals: 1) Reduce Pain 2) Get strong as f*ck 3) Look good naked Goal 1) Couldn’t finish the JTLC because of pain in her hip and can now do anything in … Read more

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-November: David Reekie


Lab Rat of the Month-October: Tod Martin

From the words of his trainer Scott: “Another awesome assessment from Tod. October 24th assessment results (since 9/26/15): Down another 9lbs Down 2% Totals since 8/25/15: Down total of 20lbs in 2 months Down 17lbs fat mass Down 5.5% BF … Read more

Lab Rat of the Year History…10th Year Anniversary!!!

As we prepare for our end of the year party once again I realized that this is OUR 10th year giving ‘The Lab Rat of the Year’ Award.  So, I thought I would compile a bit of our history…And it’s … Read more

LAB RAT of The Month-September 2015:

From her trainer Drew: Note: Rose has been nominated multiple times.  The caps are updates on her continuous progress. “Bodyfat: From 16% to maintaining 12% or below STILL Lean weight: up 7 pounds – NOW 8 POUNDS Fat weight: down … Read more