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Bootcamp: Tabitha Porter 120kg deadlift x5 reps!

Analysis of start positions of current men’s world snatch records…and your snatch misses

This may upset a few of you or go against what your expert has been telling you. But,it kills me to see the frustration in lifters as they are perplexed by the mysteries of their misses and why they may … Read more

Terry Loves The Lab’s Tough Love

Terry shares his personal struggle with his weight and his love of The Lab’s (Tough Love). When you look at these pictures, they were me at my worst and me at my best (so far). My name is Terry and … Read more

CrossFit Competition at The Lab Gym- April 20th

The Lab Gym will host a CrossFit competition as part of the Lab Gym Spring Open Weightlifting Event. The Crossfit competition is a non-sanctioned, CrossFit division Weightlifting + CrossFit WOD combined competition (you may also compete in the official USAW … Read more

Team LAB Highlight Video 3/30/13 & 4/1/13

Justin Thacker on Channel 4’s Great Day St. Louis

Team LAB Training Highlights -March 11th and more

Bootcamp: Tabitha squats 104kg x3 ish…mayday!

Bootcamp: human assisted handstand pushup

Mindy close with 55kg