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Lab Rat of the Year History…10th Year Anniversary!!!

As we prepare for our end of the year party once again I realized that this is OUR 10th year giving ‘The Lab Rat of the Year’ Award.  So, I thought I would compile a bit of our history…And it’s … Read more

Lab Rat of the Month-JUNE 2015: MIKE MAY

Winner-Mike May with trainer Reuben 2nd Place-Julie Sodd 3rd Place-Gerhadt Gern From his trainer Reuben: – Down another 10.4 lbs this month (233.4 -> 223.0) – BF is down another 3.3% (27.9 -> 24.6) – Lean weight was nearly maintained … Read more

January 2015 Lab Rat of the Month: Bhavik Patel


The Lab Gym Holiday Party Recap and 2014 Award Winners

The Lab Gym Holiday Party Recap and 2014 Award Winners The Just Ridiculous Award   Tabitha Porter This is a very special award for a longtime Lab Rat, she has worked through the ranks from a simple stay at home … Read more

“Test Rat” needed at The Lab Gym

You know of The Lab as, ‘the most unique gym around, and the BEST trainers in town.’  Well, this is by no accident.  Great trainers are made, not born.  We take outstanding men and women with proper degrees, certifications, experience, … Read more

Have you Tried GRIT?

The Lab is the first in St. Louis to offer GRIT! This is small group training at its finest and only $5 per class!  All are high energy classes with music that makes you want to keep moving.  Spend 30 minutes pushing your body and … Read more

Congratulations Lab Rat of The Month- Adrian Reuss!!

  Lab Rat of the month for March is Adrian Ruess. Adrian is now a two time winner. He followed up his 12lbs weight loss in February with a 15 lbs weight loss in March. As well as dropping 2.5% … Read more

Compete in the St. Louis Senior Olympics

It’s not too late to live out your Olympic Dream!! If you have been on this planet for 50 years of more, then you are eligible to compete in the Senior Olympics.  The events rangie from Track & Field, Cycling, Swimming … Read more

Current Women’s World Snatch Record Start Position Analysis

Looking at the Women’s Snatch start positions, here are a few clear observations. The same principles are there: -Eyes up, chin up, neck extended, chest out/up, shoulders back, hips down, knees out, back arched, bar tight to shins (4 Chinese, … Read more

Bootcamp: Gerry’s awesome tire flip burpee