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Top 10 Lines Told to Dietitians – and Why We Know They are BS

A greta read by Colleen,  but don’t hate on the steak….enjoy: By Colleen Hurley, RD Anyone in the healthcare field will probably tell you they’ve heard it all- and rightly so considering all the crazy things people say.  Dietitians and … Read more

Nutritional Compliance, HAHAHA! But, Seriously Folks…

Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS Ahhhhh, nutritional compliance…perhaps two words that couldn’t be more ironic when paired together. I work with so many smart folks that typically understand what it means to eat healthy. More times … Read more

Nutritional Big Rocks

Nutritional Big Rocks Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS Over the years as a dietitian and trainer I have been asked every question you could possibly imagine. Questions ranging from the likes of everyone from high school … Read more

Cocaine Milkshake

Cocaine Milkshake Definitely Struggling with, ‘Moderation’ I have always said that controlling your diet is as hard if not HARDER than an alcoholic trying to abstain from alcohol (or shake any drug addiction for that matter). Before you throw your … Read more

Good Fat, Bad Fat, Poop, and Spot Reduction

Good Fat, Bad Fat, Poop, and Spot Reduction (warning: some strong language and slightly graphic) Resent research has concluded that all fat is bad for you regardless of where it is stored. You may have heard of the android (apple … Read more

Two Important Food Groups For Weight Loss!

Hello Again, The Diet Diva is back with more tips and advice to make a healthy lifestyle taste great!  Below is some of the best advice possible when t comes to optimize your lifestyle for HEALTH and PERFORMANCE.  Below The … Read more

The Diet Diva is Here!

The Diet Diva is Here! I am very happy to welcome aboard the ‘Diet Diva’!  Also known as Jennifer McDaniel, dietitian extraordinaire.  You may have seen her on several news stations, the radio, or maybe even took one of her … Read more