Q & A & Various Rants: Your an Infant, Trust Me, I am a Doctor.

In the world of radical compositional change, lifestyle change, and elite performance results there is a whole lot of mental strife that occurs inside the minds of those undertaking the respective pursuit.  Questions, concerns, fears, doubts, phobias, and all sorts of psychotic episodes…

To make matters worse you might even get fed back the same sorts of statements or slogans you have hear your whole life form parents, authority figures, or even shoe companies:

“Because I said so”

“This is going to hurt me allot more than it’s going to hurt you”

“You will thank me when your older”

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”

“Just do it”  or “Just do it, even if you suck at it”

Well, all I can say is: Your an Infant, Trust Me, I am a Doctor.

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