Q & A & Various Rants: Pull Hard, Go Big, and Get Over it

You would think after spending over two and a half decades practicing my favorite hobbies (weightlifting) I would have it alllllllll figured out, right?

Well, yes and NO!  Sure, I have committed my life to this.  Training, studying, coaching others and so on.  But, I fall for the same traps that everyone else does.  It is human.  But, the trick is learning how to prevent it from completely derailing you and getting right back on  track before it knocks you out for the count.

You ever notice how it is soooo easy for people to tell you how wrong you are doing something?  Or, have just the perfect answer and solution for you, making your problems or issues seem so petty and simple?  However, they have never spent a day walking in your shoes or knowing what it is like to be you…Annoying, right!?

Annoying as it may be, SOMETIMES they ARE RIGHT!  Sometimes, the other times they are just annoying;)

Here is an example of some of the best advice I have received in years.  And this person was EXACTLY (ANNOYINGLY) RIGHT!

But, I am glad they were!

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