Q & A & Various Rants: Kaizen

It is very easy to get caught up in the process that sometimes perspective is lost.

‘Things did not go perfectly today’

‘I am not as: strong, skinny, ripped, fit as XYZ’

‘Person A: Compliment given to you.  You: Yeah, but it’s only XYZ pounds’

‘I don’t feel great today so I will: a) not try as hard  b) not go to the gym  c) have a bad attitude  d) all of the above’

Don’t forget whether you are here for weight loss, performance, looking good naked, strength and so on the process and mindset is the SAME.  And this mindset is the same common denominator that makes someone successful, not successful, and loving or hating it either way.

That is = Kaizen (constant improvement)


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