New Hire: Paperwork, Taxes, Non-Compete, Media Release, Scheduling & Payroll

Your first tasks upon employment will be to set up time with the general  management staff (Chris) to complete some basic new hire paper work and discuss scheduling and payroll.

Print and fill out the following forms:

With general  management staff will discuss pay scales, raises, requesting time off, etc.

Discuss probationary period, training pay, C.E.R.P.T., clients:  Each new hire is hired under a 90 day probationary period to ensure that the new employee is an appropriate fit for the job.  During this time of training and testing the new hire will receive 10/hr pay for training hours that are agreed upon by management.  These hours are to be used for training and shadowing as well as allowing time for the trainer to acquire a client load.  When 90 days is over the trainer will either be requested to stay on with The Lab or to end our professional relationship.  Furthermore, once the 90 days is up there will no longer be any hourly pay dispersed.

C.E.R.P.T. Clients: Continuing education and research personal training clients.  These clients serve several purposes at The Lab.  They first serve as practice clients for new hires to refine their skills with and practice The Lab training methodology and likewise allow us to observe your skills in action.  Second, they allow us to offer discounted training to cases/clients that may not normally be able to afford training but The Lab is donating our services to them.  These clients are usually reserved for probationary period times but exceptions do apply.

Uniform & business cards: The Lab supplies all new hires with 2 black Lab polos, 1 t-shirt, and 1 hat.  The rest must be purchased.  Business cards are provided upon successful completion of your 90 day probationary period.

Scheduling & Payroll:  Zen Planner, coverage, time off, mandatory meetings, etc.

Schedule a time with the general management staff to train you on the following topics

1. Payroll, clock in process (Zen Planner)

2. Expectations for coverage (for self and backing others)

3. How to back someone up, and have others back you up

4. Requested time off

5. Mandatory meetings

6. Mandatory (every Tuesday night from 8-10pm, time subject to change)*: If not informed of inability to attend 1 week in advance a $100 fine is issued (substantial time is dedicated on ALL parts of the staff from management and staff to make these meetings happen. This is our time to develop a better stronger staff and company. We take these meetings very seriously and they must be attended by all).

Disciplinary Action: Write Ups, Knocks, Etc.: Process