Instructions & New Hire Training Process (Timeline, Checklist, Training Schedule)

The New Hire Training Process

Welcome, there is a lot involved to this process so please be organized.  Print up and keep a copy of the new hire checklist and schedule to guide you through these steps each day.  You will use this to guide YOURSELF through each step of training (your responsibility) and to coordinate with the training manager or director when to do your practical test outs.

Attached is a checklist you will use to go through your training and check off what you have completed.  There is also a general schedule on how to pace yourself through it in a timely fashion (some parts of the training modules are not completed but we will adjust as we go).

Note: You will be trained in order of most basic to advanced.  As well as most common preliminary situations and then into more advanced as we go.  NOTHING is assumed and NOTHING is skipped over.  Even though you may know something or think you know something, this is irrelevant.  We must be on the same page and be as through as possible.  You wouldn’t have wanted your brain surgeon to test out of or sleep through is basic anatomy class would you?  Nor do we take such liberties.  Success is no accident and we make our own luck from proper preparation and practice. This is the mark of true professionals and WHY we guarantee success to our clients.  And remember, with success, there are no short cuts.

Much of this is a SELF guided process.  Follow the checklist and schedule to see what and about when you should have it completed (but, the better and faster you get after this, the sooner you will see clients).  Roughly half of your day should be spent shadowing and the other half of your day working on the computer studying the videos, website, taking quizzes, and preparing for your tests/quizzes, and practical experiences/test outs.  The sooner and better you complete this the sooner you will get to work with clients.  There are no short cuts and everything must be covered with satisfactory skill levels.  It is HIGHLY recommended to watch videos and read materials 2-3+ times to master it.  There is tons there so you should really have no down time or time to kill.  Each day, plan the next days shift in terms of your training schedule.  Who you will shadow with and when as well as what you will study online.

When shadowing ASK THE TRAINER BEFORE THE SHIFT IF YOU CAN MAKE COPIES OF THE PREPPED WORKOUTS SO YOU CAN FOLLOW ALONG AND PRACTICE YOUR NOTES.  DO NOT DO THIS AT THE LAST SECOND CAUSING THEM TO BE LATE OR NOT HAVE THEIR NOTES.  It is ok to get them the night before or within the 15 minutes before the shift. After day 1, if you are shadowing without a copy of the workout YOU ARE WASTING PRECIOUS TIME!  SO: If I see you shadowing past the first day with nothing in your hands it will appear that you are wasting time and your training pay is being wasted. Not good.  Also, each day after practicing your notes you will turn them into either Justin or your training manager to observe, grade, and give feedback.

After your first day of shadowing you will get copies of the workout for each session to follow along and then practice taking notes (there is a video tutorial for this).  Then, loading, spotting, with the trainer you are shadowing.  Then note taking, loading, spotting, etc all at once.  You will basically add each layer at a time and then start training with all pieces brought together.  There is allot we do beyond counting reps and demonstrating exercises so that is essentially the first pieces to learn.

Again, that is: each layer one at a time and then integrate each next step.  Now this process very well!

1)      Shadow & observe

2)      Practice note taking & prepping

3)      Practice loading & setting up

4)      Practice mounting & dismounting (after module completion)

5)      In your head practice counting, coaching, cuing, pre/post education, what you would say, etc

6)      Put it all together

Also, you will need to set up a time with Chris the manager to go over paperwork, scheduling, uniform, etc (See the new hire paperwork section for this.).  Our uniforms consist of black Lab polos and we wear black workout pants or shorts.

We like to take our new hires through our Laser program in the first or second week.  It is not mandatory but a GREAT way to learn our training style form both ends as fast as possible (to date, no one has refused this;).  Those will usually run at 7:30, 8:30 or 9:30am depending on the schedule and will be 5-6 days in a row of training.  It is not the hardest training in the world but we do a TON of different things.  After you go through this process the following week you will train a mock client through the exact same program and protocol.  BUT, before you do this you must cover the necessary training modules first (see checklist).

From there the rest of the modules will be covered and you will then be able to start seeing clients appropriate to your current training and skill level.

This is the youtube channel for all the TLGTA videos.  Note the  several channels listed (TLGTA playlist and  many others).  First see all  of the trainers training videos and meetings. But yes, ALL videos should  be  watched (exercises demos,etc).  There is a  lifetime worth of  education on there that will shorten learning curves by decades (in time they will be edited down).  This  will also serve the place of having to repeat meetings.  Check for daily updates.  You will be responsible for all material.  There is so much there you will literally need to allocate time every day for watching videos and researching.

Here is our links to social media and videos, etc.  See the Trainer’s Academy videos below (***are most important for you). Note that we have a main youtube page for everything.  And several playlists by category.  It is your responsibility to get up to date on them and watch anything you haven’t.  As new videos are released the trainers usually keep an average of watching 1 per day to stay up to speed and current (also, we have a simple policy: every video you watch from these special playlists you will: 1) click the like button 2) either type your initials into comments or add some relevant feedback or comments).  Also, please friend us on facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  Thanks!

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