Success Story: The Sonya Leta Stevenson Story!


The Sonya Stevenson Story!

“When I had my 50th birthday I just assumed I would continue to gain weight
and that was just the way life was. Then I started to realize I was losing
strength in simple things like opening a jar! So it was great timing when my
friend Marian invited me to join her in working out at the Lab Gym. I
decided to give it a try even though I didn¹t have high expectations for
myself. I figured I might lose a few pounds and could Eclaim to be taking
care of myself.

At this time I was also going to counseling and taking what I call happy
medicine due to personal things going on in my life at the time. While I do
think everyone can benefit from counseling, what I began to notice was that
as I began to lose weight and gain physical strength my mental attitude
shifted significantly. I decided to invest my (counseling) time and (happy
medicine) money into working out with a trainer. On my own I am not very
disciplined and I wanted to see more results. And as the sign at the gym
that reads:

If you are not seeing results
you are probably not
working out enough,
hard enough or often enough

Marian and I have been working with a trainer for a year now and the results
are fantastic! I just celebrated my 60th birthday in April and I feel great!
Since starting at the Lab I have lost over fifty six pounds and I have more
energy. I am a grandma who knits, and gets down on the floor with the
grandkids. Lifting weights, doing core and cardio is my gift to my grandkids
and my five daughters. I am taking care of me so I can be in the best health
possible for them.

I am lucky to live in the neighborhood where the Lab Gym is located, but it
would be worth the drive from anywhere; the results are priceless! Check out
the Lab and invest in your own good physical AND mental health.”

Sonya Leta Stevenson

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