Team Lab Elite Athlete Scholarship Program

The Lab Gym and Team LAB would like to inform you of an exciting opportunity we are offering for St. Louis youth who demonstrate potential in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.  We have a national team that competes and travels locally, nationally, and in some cases internationally.  We are looking for youth who would like to try out for our *Elite Athlete Scholarship Program.  Note: This can coordinate just fine with other sports and in fact is meant to complement each other.

BENEFITS: FREE coaching and training with Team LAB.  Be a part of an amazing training environment that includes many national level competitors, National Champions, Olympic hopefuls, up and coming talents, and even an Olympian!

-Will receive a FREE Lab Gym membership and membership to Team Lab.

-Will receive world class training, programming, and coaching that are intended to develop them to their fullest athletic potential as young men and women and either compliment their other sports OR to develop a competitive career as an Olympic Weightlifter.

REQUIREMENTS: Must attend weekly workouts.  There are main and supplementary workouts.  The main workouts are: Monday ~5-8pm, Wednesday ~5-8pm, and Saturday ~8-11am (these are mandatory and only exception is for conflicting sporting schedules).  Supplementary make up workouts are Tuesday and Thursday from 6-8pm.  A minimum of 9 months of the year must be dedicated (to allow for other sports).  However, 12 months are ideal for participant selection.

-Must attend local and National Meets (Must qualify, but generally: Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, American Open, etc.).  There are usually 2-4 yearly ‘local’ meets and 2-3 National meets depending on the lifters qualifications and other sporting seasons.  Elite Team Members will have their entry fees paid for but travel expenses will currently be required to be covered by them.

-Lifters will be granted the *Elite Athlete Scholarship by these criteria: work ethic, athleticism: strength, speed, athleticism, and body awareness.  Others who demonstrate potential in these areas will be considered.  *Elite Athlete Scholarship recipients ARE expected to compete at National Competitions to maintain their scholarship status.

-Athletes age 12-23+ are eligible