Success Story: Tabitha LOVES The Lab

tabithaRecently Tabitha Porter, a die hard member of The Lab Gym’s Extreme Bootcamp and a Justincredible Award Winner of 2012, professed her Lab Love on Facebook…”I never thought that I would sign up for what I thought would be a six week bootcamp class and find my second family but in 2012 that’s exactly what happened. I found the most incredible group of people to work out with!
“You can read more about Tabitha’s Lab Love in a minute, but here is Tabitha’s Love Letter in numbers…(keep in mind that Tabitha had no weight training experience and was just looking to get in shape after the birth of her second child.)
“My new deadlift PR is 255 lbs for 5, my Squat PR is 205 lbs for 5 but I’m going for 210lbs on Thursday! So far, my best on the squat is 222 lbs and deadlifts are 270 lbs. Those are the more impressive lifts. And I can do 5 strict pull ups. Since joining bootcamp I’ve lost 4 dress sizes. And I can now run 6 miles. Oh, and I did a 100 yard farmers walk with 95lbs in each hand for 3 rounds one Saturday. Those are my most proud moments. It’s hard to believe where I’m at now compared to where I used to be. They work miracles at the lab!
Tabitha with Justin and her Husband & Bootcamp Comrade Sam
I can’t say enough about the program, the facility, and more than anything the community that Thelabgym Thacker Chris Thacker and their staff has created. If you are a former athlete, a crossfitter wanting to improve your Olympic lifts, training for strongman, ironman, or any competition for that matter this place is for you. If you have 10 pounds to lose or 200 pounds to lose this is the place for you. If you are just wanting to stay in shape or looking to get in shape this is the place for you. With such a vast variety of clientele there is a trainer, a class, a program, and the equipment to get you where you need to go. But most importantly the people here make all the difference. I mean how many gyms do you know host happy hours, competitions, holiday parties, benefits, and awards ceremonies and Saturday morning brunch and coffee after an extreme workout?

I honestly can’t say enough positive things about this place and the people. I really do love you guys!

Update: 10/19/14 (facebook letter from Tabitha)

“I know of very few remarkable people to be specific I know 2. By my definition, a person who is truly remarkable is one that goes above and beyond their God given abilities. A remarkable person is one who leaves a positive impact on anyone and everyone they acquaint themselves with. A remarkable person is one who everyone questions “how do they do it?” their abilities, productivity, and empathy are gifts from God for which others could never understand. We can only assume they don’t sleep, or they have more than 24 hours in their day. My mother Tracy Wilhoite is truly a remarkable person, the most selfless woman I know, wise beyond her years, humble and a faithful servant to God, her family and her community. While raising 8 children working 2-3 jobs at a time and going to school, she chooses to serve her community in the way she knows best, nurturing new mothers so they could nurture their babies. This effectively means she is willingly on call 24 hours a day, whether that be to come clean someone’s house, cook them meals, offer lactation counseling, serving as a doula for their labor or offering a sympathetic ear. My mother set a very high bar for all of her children in showing us how to be compassionate human beings, we are all failing miserably, but then again there are very few people who can attain the status of being remarkable.

Seeing my mother work I always thought she was one of a kind, one in a million and she is. I’ve met hundreds of great people, great in the sense of their abilities, their knowledge, their work ethic, their expertise, and I came to expect that I would never know anyone else like my mother. In 2012 I met Thelabgym Thacker, I knew right away that he was beyond great he was an exceptional person. It wasn’t until a few months into my experience that it dawned on me he was a remarkable person. Remarkable people are truly diamonds in the rough so it can sometimes be hard to recognize them right away. They will likely never publicly receive the recognition they deserve because these people aren’t doing anything for recognition, they aren’t trying to change the world in one big sweep. They are the boots on the ground, grinding day in and day out to change someone else’s life. It’s a person by person effort. They do what it takes at all times to be everything for everyone at all costs and somehow they manage to do it effectively, this is what separates the exceptional from the remarkable. Remarkable people aren’t fulfilled with monetary gains (although I’d argue they are more than deserving of it, and are rarely compensated accordingly), they find fulfillment in the successes of those they have taken under their wings. I imagine as they watch people succeed in their endeavors it is similar to the pride a parent feels as watching a child take a first step or watching your child perform. To be able to invest so much of yourself into another person willingly and effortlessly (well it seems effortless) is a gift that few possess and I am happy and beyond grateful to have these two people in my life.”


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