Success Story: Mike Marker (letter to Mike)


Dear Mike,

I was recently thinking about our journey and about all the times we reached a milestone from when we first started. Remember when we first met? I remember when you first walked in the door with a big smile on your face.  When we started all I could think was, “uh oh, this is serious.”MIKE POST AGAIN (2)

I remember all the funny stories you would tell me every day. I never knew if it was a way to get out of some work or just your sharp charismatic personality.
Do you remember when we had to check your blood sugar every day to control your diabetes?
Or how about your blood pressure?
Do you remember when you were scared and nervous about going to the doctor over and over wondering what could possibly be next?
Do you remember all the weights you lifted, the bear crawls, the bootcamp conditioning, the stretching, and mobility work?
Do you remember how awesome it was when you first lost over 100lbs and we counted up all the calories it was that we burned off your body? That was an incredible feeling.
Do you remember when you came off all your diabetes and heart medication? That was my proudest day as a trainer.
Do you remember when you did those 100 pushups in a row on your 50th birthday? I am still amazed.
Or how about all those clothes you had to give away that didn’t fit anymore? I still have your old pants hanging on my wall as a reminder.

Looking back, I want you to know how much this has changed me, how it made me better at what I do, going through the journey with you drastically changed me forever. But, also your story is now helping many other people take matters into their own hands and change their lives forever. There has been a ripple effect that has saved many now. You have a lot to be proud of, on behalf of them and myself, than you for having the courage to take this journey, the road less traveled, and seeing it through to the end. You are their champion and you are my champion. You have set the path for so many others and are truly the first true “Lab Rat” and founding member of our esteemed little society.

Your friend for life!

Justin Thacker

Mike was the first AND second ever winner of the prestigious, ‘Lab Rat of the Year’ award.
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