Success Story: Marie Casey loses 21lbs of fat and gains 5lbs of muscle!

testimonial_marie casey

2nd Runner Up to Lab Rat of The year 2012-Marie Casey

The second runner up could also be called “The little Engine That Could!” This is the story of a woman who little by little, consistently, every workout, every month, made progress that eventually far exceeded her original goals and expectations. In the beginning she was extremely fearful of heavy weights or becoming muscle bound or injured.

When she started, we set short-term goals for each month and broke down what we needed to do each day in order to meet/exceed those goals. She was the inspiration/catalyst for the Goal & daily adherence sheets the trainers use daily now.  In this way she now reaches every client here! She has made a huge transformation coming from her ideals of “walking & yoga is exercise,” hitting the weights hard & participating in her rowing club 3 times per week. Recently she got bumped from the beginner group in rowing to the advanced and attributes her success much to the strength and work capacity she has developed with the Lab training.  Stating that she recovers quickly while most of her fellow team members are still gasping for air. She has lost over 15% body fat and inn her own words, “I like how my clothes fit, how my legs and knees don’t ache when I go up and down stairs, and how my posture is upright…It feels so good to be strong!”

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