Power: The Ultimate Aphrodisiac! Time for some SEXercise!

Claire & Corey

By Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS

Ohhh the many benefits of exercise.  Many people eagerly head to the gym to look better naked by losing fat and gaining muscle but did you know that there are exercises that can BOOST your sex drive?

Testosterone is known to be the number 1 sex drive hormone in both men and women.

First off, strength training in general, has been established in many studies in both men and women too increase testosterone and growth hormone, during and immediately after exercise (1).  Squats and deadlifts increase Growth Hormone (GH) and Testosterone, more than any other compound exercises (hence, one of the principal reasons it is so valuable in any fat loss and muscle gaining plan).

Furthermore, exercise boosts your natural nitric oxide production (the job of Viagra) as well as circulation and blood flow (needed for proper tent pitching).  Mulit-joint compound exercises that use the most muscle groups and thus blood/oxygen can further stimulate and circulate this process.

Just another great reason to perform 2 of our favorite movements!  Not that you needed any prodding to anxiously head to the gym and get your strength training in.

 (1)  Int J Sports Med. 1991 Apr;12(2):228-35
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