Heavy Metal Crossfit-Elements Class


New to Crossfit?  Intimidated or unsure you are capable of going to the regular classes?  No fear, elements classes are here!  First off, our trainers are GREAT and they can ‘scale’ any workout or exercise to accommodate for your current fitness level and ability (scale: to make appropriate in exercise type and intensity for the individuals current capabilities.). Second, EVERYONE typically has this feeling when entering into Crossfit.  And, soon they realize their fears where unnecessary.  Nevertheless, to make this process easier and more informed we have our ‘elements’ classes to teach new comers the basics of Crossfit and to familiarize them with the many different exercises (regressions and progressions of) that are used in classes as well as the types of workouts and programming that you might experience.  We have some scheduled elements classes on the schedule but you can schedule your OWN elements course that works better for you and our trainers.

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CrossFit Elements

Elements classes are similar to regular CrossFit classes in their aim to increase overall general physical preparedness (GPP).  The workouts are designed the same but to lesser degree of load bearing movements.  The purpose of elements is to assist both the trainer and athlete in the following ways:


  • Ensure that the athlete is familiar with proper movement standards and ROM associated with all CrossFit movements and exercises. (EX: Squat depth, Proper lock out etc.)
  • Teach the athlete CrossFit specific movements such as Thrusters, Wall Balls and Kipping Pull ups.
  • Familiarize the athlete with CrossFit fundamentals such as time oriented workouts (for time), work based workouts (AMRAP), Tabata, Threshold training, Chippers, Couplets/Triplets (21/15/9), Hero WODS.
  • Ensure that the athlete is familiar with proper safety precautions in relation to load bearing exercises and movement patterns (this is why CF Elements primarily uses body weight exercises and teaches movements with no more than a barbell with technique plates.
  • Teach the athlete the 9 foundational movements (Squat series, press series and deadlift series)


  • Gauge athlete ability level in order to find proper scaling for workouts
  • Ensure that the athlete is not confused on movements standards and ROM
  • Ensure that the athlete can safely perform movements with body weight before loading barbells
  • Assess any flexibility issues or previous injuries which need to be addressed before workouts
  • Apply and movement therapies or corrective technique where needed

The nine foundational movements are as follows:

Squat Series

  • Air Squat
  • Front Squat
  • Overhead Squat

Deadlift Series

  • Deadlift
  • Sumo Deadlift High Pull
  • Medicine Ball Clean

Press Series

  • Press
  • Push Press
  • Push Jerk

Some other movements that would be covered are Thrusters, Wall Balls, KB Swings, Box Jumps, Ab Mat Sit ups, Hollow Rocks, Wall Walks, Toe to Bar, Knee to Elbow etc.

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