Olympic Weightlifting & Team LAB

Olympic Weightlifting  at The Lab Gym Stocked with over 24 platforms specifically for Olympic weightlifting.  Barbells, bumper plates, technique plates, blocks, jerk boxes, squat racks, and all the necessities for Olympic weightlifting paradise!  Come train on your own, with some of the local weightlifting legends, or even join Team LAB!  We also have special classes for youth called STL STRONG that combines the training of Lift for Life Gym and local youth who wish to get involved in Olympic Weightlifting.

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Men and women of all experience levels are welcome! Beginners can train with Team LAB after completing an on ramp intro series where one on one training sessions with a Team LAB Olympic Lifting coach to understand the basics of the sport and learn proper technique.


Due to the popularity of Team LAB, the training days have now expanded to Monday- Thursday 6pm-8pm and 8-10am on Saturday.

What is Team LAB?