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Lets take a minute to recognize a few of our members and employees for their hard work and dedication. We had a number of Lab Rats represent us in both local and national competitions.


Jerrone Wynn and Jerome Smith
Jerrone Wynn and Jerome Smith both competed at the American Open in early December.  Jerome lifted in the Youth Trial on Thursday, Dec 2nd as a 62 kg lifter (137lbs).  He snatched 88kg (194lbs) and 92kg (203lbs).  This was a 2kg personal record.  He then missed 95kg (209lbs) on his third attempt.  After missing his opener at 110kg (242lbs) in the clean and jerk, he repeated and made his second attempt at the same weight.  Then he made a huge personal record at 115 (253lbs).  Jerome totaled 207kg.  This ranks him 6th as a 14 year old in the 17 and under division for International meets in 2016!

Jerrone lifted in the 56 kg (123lbs) class on Friday.  He made his opener at 86kg (190lbs) and then missed his next two attempts at 89kg (196lbs).  He then made his opener at 110kg (242lbs) and then made 113kg (249lbs) to break the American Record in the clean and jerk!  He then made 115kg (253lbs) to break the clean and jerk American Record again and break the total American Record.  Jerrone totaled 201kg.  This is his 7th American Record to date!  This ranks him 4th in the country as a 14 year old in the 17 and under age category for qualifying to the International meets in 2016.

Lift for Life Gym’s Weightlifting Team is supported solely on private donations for traveling to meets like this.  These inner-city, at-risk youth could not compete in a sport they love without this support.  If you would like to make a charitable donation to support the team, you can at or leave a check made out to Lift for Life Gym, memo: weightlifting, at the front desk at The Lab Gym.


A huge thank you to all group fitness participants on joining the 30-day Fitness Challenge from October 22 through November 22, 2015.  After 30 days of tallying, we would like to congratulate Cybil Paris on attending 40 classes. You have won a free month membership for all of your hard work and dedication.

We would also like to recognize three additional ladies for their hard work in attending 30 or more classes. A huge round of applause for Lauren Frankilin, Carlissa Cole, and Sara Halley.

Lastly, thank you to all for spreading the love and signing up for your favorite classes. Your attendance allows us to do what we love each day.


Steve Wallace
Steve Wallace for placed  3rd in the RX division at the Kill Cliff Granite Games in September. Tied for 1st place at the Beast of the Metro East in October.  5th place elite division at the Hidden Gym Fall Classic, 2nd place in the Tag team throw down in November and Qualified  4th in the elite division for the Miami Wadapalooza.

Emily Abbott
Emily Abbott has followed up her 8th place finish at the CrossFit Games this season with a top 10 finish in the elite division at the Granite games then podium finish at the cascade Classic in Seattle with the Blonyx team.

She recently competed in Guadelajara, Mexico and finished second.
Since then and probably the most prestigious honor in the CrossFit community, she was invited to compete in the CrossFit invitational on December 6th (2men/2women teams) meaning she is considered top 2 athletes of all Canada to be selected for the honor.

Max O_Malley

Crossfit trainer,
Max O’Malley, also competed in the

Beast of the Metro East in October, placing 11th.  


Alex Hill
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