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Lab Rat of The Year Adrian

Lab Rat of The Year Award Winners 2013

And the winners are… The Lab Gym Lab Rat of The Year Winner-Long before he experienced his life changingbreakthrough, this Lab Rat become an icon in the gym, a smiling beacon of positivity, often coming in twice a day.  From … Read more

Adrienne floored

Thank You to Justin Thacker on Adrienne’s 40th Birthday

You probably already know Adrienne. She is one in a million and her energy and presence can be felt even before she enters a room! Here’s the very special Thank You Adrienne sent to Justin Thacker very recently on her … Read more

Corey Now- Down 121 lbs

Corey’s Success Story- Down 121lbs and still going strong

We recently caught up with Corey O’Connor who won Lab Rat of the Month in August to interview him after breaking through the 100lb weight loss milestone. Big thanks to Corey for being so open and honest in sharing his … Read more

Colleen Hurley, RD

Top 10 Lines Told to Dietitians – and Why We Know They are BS

A greta read by Colleen,  but don’t hate on the steak….enjoy: By Colleen Hurley, RD Anyone in the healthcare field will probably tell you they’ve heard it all- and rightly so considering all the crazy things people say.  Dietitians and … Read more

Terry 3

Terry Loves The Lab’s Tough Love

Terry shares his personal struggle with his weight and his love of The Lab’s (Tough Love). When you look at these pictures, they were me at my worst and me at my best (so far). My name is Terry and … Read more

Justin on Great Day CHannel 4

Justin Thacker on Channel 4’s Great Day St. Louis

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Belly Laugh

Nutritional Compliance, HAHAHA! But, Seriously Folks…

Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS Ahhhhh, nutritional compliance…perhaps two words that couldn’t be more ironic when paired together. I work with so many smart folks that typically understand what it means to eat healthy. More times … Read more

ginny and dunn

Congrats Ginny Antonacci for breaking the 100lb weight loss barrier!!

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Density Water bottles


Density! Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS                                                                          Let talk…no, let’s LOOK at density. Since I tend to get wordy I am going to make this a picture-based article….well, I am going to try anyway. First let’s … Read more

Keep Falling Off The Wagon?

Justin Thacker MS, RD, LD, ACSM-HFS, CES, USAW, CSCS Q: What is the second hardest thing compared to losing weight? A: Keeping it off! I have met COUNTLESS individuals who may have lost weight in the past doing this or … Read more

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