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Q & A & Various Rants Lessons Learned and Relearned

Ever catch yourself falling for the same mistakes over and over again?  As a trainer, coach, dietitian, and business owner I have observed behavior up close for well over a decade.  Behavior becomes extremely predictable to the point that you know people … Read more

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Q & A & Various Rants Rowing Up Stream & Climbing the Rope

Hopefully this comes as no surprise to you.  But, success and progress take HARD WORK.  Especially if your goal is the least bit ambitious.  Besides the fact that all change takes energy and usually has growing PAINS associated with it. … Read more

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Q & A & Various Rants: The Proper INTENT for Every Rep

Have you ever thought about HOW you approach each rep for any given set? Today we will discuss the proper ‘intent’ for each rep to get you WAY more quality work in.

dont let waves spoil you

Q & A & Various Rants: Don’t Let The Peak of Your Waves Spoil You

Have things ever come together for you so well in the gym you almost couldn’t believe it?  You kept getting stronger, looking better, feeling better and the PR train just kept coming.  Yes, this HAPPENS and it SHOULD.  We have … Read more

No Wasted Days, or Workouts, Breakthroughs

Q & A & Various Rants: No Wasted Days, Workouts, Breakthroughs, and Just 1 Step Forward

Ever feel like you are spinning your wheels?  Or, perhaps feel like you just ‘wasted’ your time at the gym?  Maybe you didn’t exactly get what you were after today? Well, what if I told you that with the right … Read more


Team Lab Training Highlights: Feb 2015-The ‘Nick Dimarco kills everything’ Edition

Q & A & Various Rants: Delayed or Instant Gratification and Your Ability to Take Over The World

Q & A & Various Rants: Strive for perfection and achieve greatness

Q & A & Various Rants: Are you a cause or an effect?

Q & A & Various Rants: Thinking changes beliefs, changes attitudes, changes actions, change results

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