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Voy and his old pants. 157lbs ago!

Voy and his old pants. 157lbs ago!  

September Lab Rat of the Month

This is a little late…BUT, congrats to Emma Morris for winning Lab Rat of the Month for September (picture with her trainer Brian Crain). Down 38lbs in 4 months!

Go Mike Go!

Mike cranking out the pushups. Look at those ripped arms on that 54 year old. And he used to be diabetic and 300lbs! Now a mere 167 and in the best shape of his life.

Awesome client story! Must read ladies:

Hi Justin & Shawn, The magnitude of this short story may be lost on you since you are, of course, guys. No, it is not as exciting as the day I will someday compete in a weightlifting meet, and I … Read more

Success Story: The Sonya Leta Stevenson Story!

The Sonya Stevenson Story! “When I had my 50th birthday I just assumed I would continue to gain weight and that was just the way life was. Then I started to realize I was losing strength in simple things like … Read more

The Anne Jaques Story!

The Anne Jaques Story Watch her tell her story about going from cancer to triathlons in one year at age 58! She shares her very powerful and motivating story and how she did it. And hear her talk about what … Read more

Success Story: The Carol Bland Story

The Carol Bland Story Part 1:     “I learned of your quality training from those at (GYM NAME EXCLUDED) who had worked with you there. I joined the Lab shortly after you opened it based on your reputation. I … Read more

Incredible Feat!

Dr. Suggs deadlifts over double body weight at age 77! Dr. Suggs weighs 155lbs and deadlifted 315lbs! First, I must say that this was a ‘bucket list’ lift to lift double bodyweight and in NO WAY do I condone this … Read more

The Lab Rat of The Year Announced!

The 2nd Annual Lab Gym Holiday Party was a blast (see pics on our facebook page).  Thank you to Dedee Catsavis for helping with all the decorations and Jillian Marchese and Dena Westerfield for all the food!  So who won? … Read more

Rich and Sujata Buck Part The Waters at The Lab

Over the past year or so I have had the pleasure of getting to know the Bucks. Rich and Sujata, otherwise known as, “Suj” Buck.  Bothretired physicians who live very close by to the gym.  Rich is a VERY dedicated … Read more