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Lab Rat of the Year History…10th Year Anniversary!!!

As we prepare for our end of the year party once again I realized that this is OUR 10th year giving ‘The Lab Rat of the Year’ Award.  So, I thought I would compile a bit of our history…And it’s … Read more

rose - september

LAB RAT of The Month-September 2015:

From her trainer Drew: Note: Rose has been nominated multiple times.  The caps are updates on her continuous progress. “Bodyfat: From 16% to maintaining 12% or below STILL Lean weight: up 7 pounds – NOW 8 POUNDS Fat weight: down … Read more

jen - july

LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-July 2015: Jenniferjoy Lilly

From her trainer Drew: “Jenn is constantly battling with health problems believed to be caused by lupus. She’s extremely strong and is a true warrior for continuing to train through all of the battles she faces. While training for the … Read more

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LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-May 2015: Alex Simkins

From her trainer Steve: “This woman is definitely among the most inspiring members at The Lab, and without a doubt gives new meaning to the phrase “NO EXCUSES”. As most of you all have seen in passing by during class … Read more

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LAB RAT OF THE MONTH-April 2015: Sherman Voegtle

From his trainer Drew: “Sherman just decided a couple months ago that he wanted to compete in powerlifting. Had only been lifting weights for a few months and has now only been training heavy for about 2 months. He stepped … Read more

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Lab Rat of the Month-March 2015: Duane Reed

From his trainer Pat: “6 weeks ago screwed up his finger and has had to wear a splint or risk surgery.  We have been using some hooks to strap to his hands to hold the weights and the man hasn’t … Read more

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Lab Rat of the Month-JUNE 2015: MIKE MAY

Winner-Mike May with trainer Reuben 2nd Place-Julie Sodd 3rd Place-Gerhadt Gern From his trainer Reuben: – Down another 10.4 lbs this month (233.4 -> 223.0) – BF is down another 3.3% (27.9 -> 24.6) – Lean weight was nearly maintained … Read more

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Lab Rat of the Month-August 2015: Rita Carrington

Winner: Rita Carrington with Trainer Andrew 2nd Place: Lydia Kasanezky 3rd Place: Rose Newport Rita has continued to show the true dedication and drive of a Lab Rat. Within the last month she has: -Increased lean weight by 4 pounds … Read more

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Lab Rat of the Month-FEBRUARY 2015: JERONNE WYNN

From Coach Jimmy Duke: “Jerrone Wynn from Lift for Life Gym qualified to the Youth World Championship that will be held in Lima, Peru in April.  While do that, he shattered all three American Records.  The record before Juniors was … Read more

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January 2015 Lab Rat of the Month: Bhavik Patel


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