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Happy Hour!

Introducing: Lean and Green Foods! Personal Provisions for Lean Living!

This is the big project I have spent over the last 3 months on but planning since 2006.  We are not 100% operational yet, but you can try the food at The Lab Gym AND if you twist our arm … Read more

“Lab Gym” Happy Hour

On Friday July 20th at 6:30pm, a “Lab Gym” Happy Hour will be taking place at McGurks Irish Pub and Bar. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new people at The Lab or relax with friends to kick off … Read more


There is so much going on right now and the year is flying by!  So,  if your like everyone else, you want and need to know how to lose fat FAST!  Read below for more details.  But, real fast check … Read more

News from The Lab Gym: BODYFLOW LAUNCH

Greetings! The addition of classes at The Lab has been a great success but we know you want more. Well we are giving you just that! In addition to the full body strengthening workout offered through BodyPump and the calorie … Read more

New Programs Starting NOW!

Ladies and Gentlemen of the New Year, Are you ready for your Resolution Revolution? The Lab Gym is branching out and we are starting out our new year with not only a new gym but new group fitness programming, through … Read more

The Lab Gym is EXPANDING!

I am SOOO happy I can FINALLY share the news that we are expanding!!! After months of deliberation and planning the deal is done! Now I can officially say the The Lab Gym expansion is happening!!! Plenty of work still … Read more


Alright the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the first Lab Gym Holiday Party.  We have been meaning to do this for years now but the holiday’s always seem to just slip by.  But not this year, no matter what, we … Read more